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Here is a little tactics puzzle from the game I recently played in a Club Championship (it was actually yesterday). I was playing on the black side and got so excited calculating variations that missed simple and straightforward win. It cost me a game – we drew. Try to think would would you do here. Black to move.

Black to move

                         Black to move

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What is Garry Kasparov doing today? According to the interview he gave to the CNN’s Becky Anderson, Kasparov is still doing some kind of chess work. First of all, he trains Norwegian chess prodigy Magnus  Carlsen, who is currently number 4 in the top list FIDE, September 2009.  Kasparov is also working on chess theory books and of course playing friendly matches with A. Karpov. Becky Anderson have asked Garry “Have you missed a few moves on your political path?” and Kasparov replied “No, I’ve started from totally lost position. The fact is – I’m still in the game. The Russian Opposition does exist.”

Top List FIDE. September 2009


07.09 09.09
1 V. Topalov BUL 2813 2813
2 W. Anand IND 2788 2788
3 L. Aronian ARM 2768 2773
4 M. Carlsen NOR 2772 2772
5 V. Kramnik RUS 2759 2772
6 P. Leko HUN 2756 2762
7 T. Radzhabov AZE 2756 2757
8 V. Ivanchuk UKR 2703 2756
9 B. Gelfand ISR 2755 2756
10 A. Morozhevich RUS 2751 2750
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Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov played the famous World Championship Match in 1984. Now, 25 years later in 2009 they played again – unofficial match in Valencia, Spain. The match was consisted of 4 rapid games and 8 blitz games. Kasparov won. There is no big surprise here since Garry is almost 200 points higher rated than his opponent. Congratulations to both players, they played great chess.  Check out the final standings and the video from the event below.

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I was analyzing Thechessworld’s server logs today and find out that many-many players are looking for an advice “how to beat better player at chess”.  I’ve decided to go ahead and write some of my thoughts over this topic.  First of all, there is no magic formula in chess I can tell you that will *guarantee* a win.

Previously I have posted some suggestions how to beat stronger player at chess. This post is the continuation of what was written before.

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chess excuses jokes

List of top 10 excuses for losing a game of chess:

1. Dog ate score sheet;
2. Dead batteries in hidden transmitter;
3. Went outside for fresh air, forgot about tournament;
4. Disturbed by own reflection in opponent’s sunglasses;
5. Still despondent over 1964 death of Fred Reinfeld;
6. Inexplicably confused ECO A29 line 13 note 87c with ECO A13 line note 87c; lost queen;
7. Unlucky pairing with historical nemesis G. Kasparov;
8. During play, pondered both sides of ICC controversy; lost on time;
9. Studied book *How to Beat Bobby Fischer*; was unprepared for other opponents;
10. After making move, accidentally punched opponent instead of clock.

Humor by Don Scoones

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no_jokes_pleaseChess is a royal game which is supposed to be taken seriously if you want to get better in it.

However,  a good laughter is great way to relax a bit before continuing the hard work. Here are the 10 chess jokes which are supposedly taken from real life chess stories by Dan Scoones and dugg by me from someplace in the net.

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Chess Tactics

We all know that tactics is the most important part of chess. If you are good at chess tactics you will win many-many games. So how do we get better at it? How do we learn rapidly and effortlessly find tricky chess combination which lead to winning material or a checkmate, impressing others? The answer is simple: practice. You ask how? Solve puzzles.

Nothing is better for your tactical vision than  couple dozens of good chess puzzles daily. Grab a cup of coffee, tea or whatever you’d like and dive into it right away. Here is the first part. Find the checkmate in 3. Good luck!

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Who said chess is a cheap game to play? French artist Bernard Maquin asks 500,000$ for the chess set. That’s what he estimates the work of 30 craftsmen, which spend about 4500 hours working on this chess set. If you think about it for a second his craftsmen make only 3.70$/hour each including the cost of materials. Not much, hah? Anyway, Charles Hollander Collection “The Royal Diamond Chess” is entirely handmade of 1168.75 grams 14 K white gold and 9900 black and white diamonds weighing 186.06 carats. Charles Hollander Collection, one of the most respected names in the diamond industry. Check out the pictures of this beautiful chess set:

Charles Hollander Collection - The Chess Set.
The Royal Diamond Chess.
Charles Hollander Collection – The Chess Set.
The Royal Diamond Chess.
The knight.
Diamond chess knight.
The knight.
Diamond chess knight.
Luxury chess pieces.
Diamond chess board.
Luxury chess pieces.Diamond chess board.
Gold and diamonds:  knight, queen, bishop.
Close up chess pieces.
Gold and diamonds: knight, queen, bishop.Close up chess pieces.

Checkout another expensively cool chess sets: Money Chess Set and  Jewel Royale Chess Set.

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