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no_jokes_pleaseChess is a royal game which is supposed to be taken seriously if you want to get better in it.

However,  a good laughter is great way to relax a bit before continuing the hard work. Here are the 10 chess jokes which are supposedly taken from real life chess stories by Dan Scoones and dugg by me from someplace in the net.

Let’s start with a chess quote to warm you up before real jokes: “Well, hmmm, endgames, yes, they are important, Yaaaaawwwwnnnnn! –Norbert FRIEDRICH

Moments when you should feel danger at chess:

  1. There has been a change in the pawn structure. Your opponent has 8 and you don’t have any.
  2. Your opponent begins to throw pawns at your eyes.
  3. You have a position won but your opponent has a gun.
  4. The Director tells you not to bother turning in your score sheet after the game.
  5. Before game begins you notice your opponents 1st initials are ‘GM’.
  6. After completing your development you sense your opponent playing the endgame.
  7. Just as you make your opening move your opponent announces mate in 11.
  8. You don’t control any squares at all.
  9. Your draw offer sends all the people watching your game into uncontrollable laughter.
  10. Your opponent has 3 bishops.

Author: Dan Scoones.

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0 #4 Misha 2012-04-03 14:58
Thats good )) I share it on my facebook page, of course by the name of author ! ))
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0 #3 Синий 2010-01-05 17:05
Всем Доброго утра! Вот это меня улыбнуло!!!!
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0 #2 Jinny 2010-01-05 17:05
thechessworld.com – da best. Keep it going!
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0 #1 Hobosic 2010-01-05 17:04
Hi there,
Everything dynamic and very positively! :)
Thank you
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