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I was analyzing Thechessworld’s server logs today and find out that many-many players are looking for an advice “how to beat better player at chess”.  I’ve decided to go ahead and write some of my thoughts over this topic.  First of all, there is no magic formula in chess I can tell you that will *guarantee* a win.

Previously I have posted some suggestions how to beat stronger player at chess. This post is the continuation of what was written before.

According to IM Simon Webbs, the basic approach when playing a stronger opponent is to make the position as complicated as possible. If neither of you know what to do in such hyper-complex position, you will have a lot higher chances for survival. Obviously you are more likely to lose, but by increasing randomness you are increasing your chances for positive result.


That's what I call "random chess position". Impossible to achieve but you opponent will be very confused if you do!

What opening should you play against stronger opponent? The best choice is to play something sharp which you are familiar with at the same time. Sharp openings usually result in the wildest positions possible. Look for tactics. Do not, however, sacrifice a couple of pieces for one or two checks and resign 5 moves after. Be reasonable.

Don’t be afraid to play your favorite gambit just because you’re playing a higher rated opponent.  Strong player does not automatically mean a walking openings book. Some high rated players will deviate from the book quickly and try to outplay you later on.  If your opponent plays an opening move in your line which you haven’t seen in the book before, it’s most likely not very good one. Remember there are no novelties early in the game these days (say before move 10).  Try to figure out what’s wrong with the move. Maybe it weakens the king, overextends pawns, looses tempo or something else, there are plenty of options. Use it to your advantage.

You need to play aggressively. Even if playing for a draw you should attack. You will more likely to get a draw if your position is better and you offer a draw than in equal looking one.

As I mentioned in my previous post do not automatically exchange pieces. Stronger players are usually good endgame players as well.  Endgame for them will mean easy point without taking unnecessary risks.  Think of it this way: fewer pieces you have on the board – less randomness you can create. Don’t give your opponent something for nothing! Make him fight for every single piece of advantage.

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