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... elo of 2775, which was unprecedented at the time.  Today we will examine top 10 openings played by Bobby Fischer. White Repertoire: 1. Sicilian Defense: Pelikan and Sveshnikov Variation 1.e4 ...
2. Developing The Sense of Danger
(Articles/Training Techniques)
... “do something”. This is why in this article we propose a different type of training, one that is meant to develop your sense of danger and your ability to find the right defense. In order to do this on ...
3. Prophylaxis
(Articles/Middle Game)
... the defense you have just discovered. Let’s start with an easy but instructive example in order to better understand prophylaxis: White to play The position above arose in the game Karpov-Tukmakov ...
4. The Principle of Two Weaknesses
(Articles/Middle Game)
... defenses by opening a file on the kingside. See details here: Defense Have a look at these two diagrams:  Diagram 1 Diagram 2 In the diagram 1 we can see that black has two weaknesses ...
... the game.   The position above resembles a French Defense type of structure. It is apparently a good one for white who has traded off his “bad bishop”.  However, black has a harmonious development ...
6. 10 Ways to Improve Your Chess
(Articles/Training Techniques)
... players you must play what the position demands you to play. Defend when you have to defend, put the attack on hold, make concessions and be a stubborn defender if that’s what it is required. 8. Defense ...
7. 3 Easy Steps to Start Improving at Chess
(Articles/Training Techniques)
... thing to do is putting those running shoes on. You will come up with zillions of different excuses. Your body will start fighting against something you’re not used to doing. That’s normal, it is a defense ...
8. The Decisive Battle - World Championship 2016
(Annotated Games/Opening Theory)
Magnus Carlsen confirmed his position as the world champion with a successful defense of his title last November against Sergei Karjakin. After 12 games the score remained level and it was the mini match ...
9. Big question: 1.e4 or 1.d4?
... of play. The queen’s pawn move leads to more closed positions than 1.e4 and the simplifications are rare. Note how in the most popular defenses like The Slav, Nimzo, King’s Indian, Benko Gambit, Benoni ...
... positions at how, that he has won many of his games due to home preparation. Here are the top 10 openings Kasparov plays. White Repertoire: 1. Sicilian Defense: Accelerated Dragon - Maroczy Bind 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nd4 g6 5. c4 ...
11. 3 Best Chess Games – 46
(Annotated Games/Opening Theory)
... in the Moscow Variation of the Sicilian Defense that led to a complicated position with plenty of compensation. Game 2: Last, we selected early leader’s Anton Korobov of Ukraine win over Chinese ...
12. 10 Best Games on Dutch Defense
Dutch defense is a great attacking opening choice where black prepares king's side attack from move one. In order to avoid complication in the center black usually locks it up early in the game. Dutch ...
13. Grandmaster Sacrifices the Queen
(Articles/Middle Game)
...  We have an unclear position that arose from a Dutch Defense. Black’s last move 17…Rc8 is a not so obvious mistake. Topalov found a way to refute it convincingly. Can you guess how? See the details here: ...
Queen’s Indian Defense is a very solid opening which utilizes the queen’s side bishop to control the center and the long diagonal.  Black focuses on controlling the center with pieces rather than ...
15. How to reach 1400 elo in 2 weeks?
(Articles/Training Techniques)
...  5. Attack and Defense 6. Common Endgames 7. Ideas and Principles for Further Improvement It used to be a very confusing and time consuming process requiring an expensive coach, bunch of software ...
16. 3 Best Games from The World Championship Match 2016
(Annotated Games/Opening Theory)
... as he seemed to always find a way to hold the position. GAME #1: We are going to start with their third game, which ended in a draw. In yet another Berlin Defense Magnus Carlsen, with the white pieces, ...
17. 6 Things to Keep in Mind to Find Best Moves
(Articles/General Information)
... and you end up under a powerful attack. There are two ways to play these kinds of positions. The first way involves passive defense, where a player simply tries to eliminate his opponent threats and hopes ...
18. 7 Best Games on Grunfeld Defense
Grunfeld defense is very popular choice for amateurs and professionals alike. It was tried and tested many times in elite tournaments and World Championship Matches including Kasparov - Karpov and Kasparov ...
19. 7 Ways to Beat Under 1600 players
(Articles/General Information)
... and make mistakes that will lead to your advantage, either material or positional. At beginner level defense is even a greater problem to handle. 2. Patience First develop your pieces and put everything ...
20. 7 Ways to Beat Under 1400 Players
...  3. Fight for the initiative as black Play defenses that fight for the initiative from an early stage. The Scandinavian, the French, the Sicilian – with the same idea of taking over the initiative as ...
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