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41. 3 Best Games from The World Championship Match 2016
(Annotated Games/Opening Theory)
... Pawn opening, but white failed to get an opening advantage. On the contrary, it was Karjakin who was slightly putting pressure. A slight inaccuracy and Carlsen equalized only to give the edge back to his ...
42. 10 Best Games on King's Gambit
King’s Gambit is one of the most popular openings for past 300 years. It was played by many strongest players including William Steinitz, Bobby Fischer, David Bronstein and Boris Spassky. It is a true ...
43. 7 Best Games on Grunfeld Defense
... - Kramnik. Grunfeld Defense is a hyper-modern opening with many interesting ideas for both white and black pieces. It was played by many great players including Alekhine, Fischer, Karpov, and so on. Let's ...
44. 3 Best Games of the Week - 43
(Annotated Games/Opening Theory)
... in the Babarian Open. Game #1: Nisipeanu-Gopal: Interesting battle in the English opening. White chose to play a sharp continuation with the move h4 early in the opening which led to double edge play. ...
45. 7 Ways to Beat Under 1600 players
(Articles/General Information)
... in the range of 1500-1600, know theory to a certain extent. If you have greater knowledge it will be easy to obtain an advantage out of the opening.However, if your level is similar then it is best to ...
46. 7 Ways to Beat Under 1400 Players
... is the chess dynamics. Concepts such as material vs. development can represent difficult problems for them to solve during the game. It is of course enough to play good chess regardless of the opening ...
Sicilian Najdorf is one of most popular and best scoring openings played against 1.e4. It can be found everywhere from a local chess club to the world championship level. Greatest player of all time Bobby ...
48. 5 Tips to Build Your Own Chess Training Program
(Articles/Training Techniques)
... is basically to go over the chess games played around the world in the strong tournaments, play a lot of blitz online, review the openings of interest using a chess program. Now, this is okay for some ...
49. Chesspublishing
(Web Links / Chess Books)
An online publisher of chess opening theory. ...
50. Chess Informant
(Web Links / Chess Books)
periodically produces Chess Informant, Encyclopedia of Chess Openings, Endings, chess software and so on. ...
51. Openings
Various opening ideas, tactics behind the openings and the famous opening traps  ...
52. Opening Theory
... strategies, is a mind that can find that decisive opening to take control. Odd moves are likely setups for traps, or feigns to provoke moves that would otherwise be foolish. In my case, they are designed ...
I'm sorry Zoheb, 300-1000 category is probably too broad and I didn't write about it explicit enough. The idea is that on this stage there is no need to spend much time on openings it is better to concentrate ...
Hi Yury, First of all let me congratulate you on creating this wonderful website, filled with lots of much required information with respect to basics, openings etc. I love it. I think I will be visiting ...
Hello Vasilis, currently the best move idea is based on the strongest chess engine's evaluation (Houdini, etc.). If the engine's strength changes the evaluation follows.
I believe that, in the opening and "early" middle game positions, what we call "the absolute best move", simply, does not exist.. And things will stay this way, until of course, finally, the game of chess ...
58. Legal’s Trap
Actually,When white play h3,black should just simply capture the Knight on f3 so that black will not fall into the legal's mate but white is a little better as bishop is very important in the opening,middlegame ...
59. Italian Game
This short, clearly structured and systematic presentation of the Italian game is excellent for me as an opening theory newbie and more helpful than how it is written in my chess book. ...
60. Philidor's Defense
very nice opening ...
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