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1. 10 Habits of a Chess Master
(Articles/General Information)
Chess players are unique persons compared to other areas of the society. A chess player, no matter his level, is absorbed by the game and, even when he is not playing, his thoughts are very often in the ...
2. 7 Reasons Why Magnus Carlsen is World Champion
(Articles/General Information)
Magnus Carlsen has been dominating the chess scene for the last few years and has established himself as one of the strongest (if not the strongest) players at the moment. By winning many prestigious tournaments ...
3. 5 Proven Ways to Improve at Chess
(Articles/Training Techniques)
... you become a stronger player. This can be seen when people who trained a lot did not achieve their best results during the period of training, but then, after a while, they start scoring and their knowledge ...
4. Big question: 1.e4 or 1.d4?
... In this article we will try to give you our views and some explanations that will hopefully help you make your own choice. First thing: What kind of player are you? What is your ideal type of game? ...
... the 8th Game was important. Both players overreached themselves in trying to beat each other and it was Carlsen who blundered in the end, giving Karjakin a brief lead in the match. I would have liked to ...
Garry Kasparov is considered to be the greatest chess player of all time. From 1986 to 2005 he was ranked world’s number 1 for 225 out of 228 months! Kasparov holds a record for winning 15 consecutive ...
7. 5 Tips for Improving Your Chess
(Articles/Training Techniques)
Seems like you are doing everything correctly, but you still struggle improving at chess? That's not something unusual and happens to the best of us. There are few typical things that chess players are ...
8. 3 Best Chess Games – 46
(Annotated Games/Opening Theory)
... games were player in the Rapid World Championship, but are no less instructive. First, let’s examine Dutch Benjamin Bok’s win over Polish Radoslav Wojtaszek. White chose to play an interesting piece sacrifice ...
9. 10 Best Games on Dutch Defense
... was never a super popular opening especially on the top level. Nevertheless, many strong players including Alexander Alekhine, Bent Larsen and Paul Morphy used this opening with a great success. Currently, ...
10. Grandmaster Sacrifices the Queen
(Articles/Middle Game)
... by. Chess has had several players famous for their sacrificial style, with Tal being perhaps the most notorious among the classics, but Shirov and Topalov also produced some fantastic gems. The most ...
11. 5 Things Chess Players Should Focus on in 2017
(Articles/Training Techniques)
... to keeping track of progress and staying motivated. 2. Working on fundamentals Many chess players struggle to improve because they are lacking certain simple things which disallow them from making ...
12. Realizing the Space Advantage
(Articles/General Information)
One of the most important elements of the positional struggle in a chess game is the element of “space”. Now, between amateurs and club players this aspect is often underrated or misjudged. In this article ...
13. How to reach 1400 elo in 2 weeks?
(Articles/Training Techniques)
Every chess player wants to improve. Oddly enough, many players are still missing out on fundamentals which prevent them from making progress. These fundamentals are something that all coaches teach their ...
... and unwritten rules. There are many questions being constantly asked about the game. Chess players often get confused and surprised when common knowledge about the game turns out to be totally false. In ...
15. 10 Reasons You’re Not 2000 Rated – Yet
(Articles/Training Techniques)
Many chess players want to cross magical 2000 elo mark, to have that “2” next to their name. 2000+ is a very respectable rating and will place you in top 3-5% of all rated chess players. With the right ...
16. 10 Best Games on King's Gambit
King’s Gambit is one of the most popular openings for past 300 years. It was played by many strongest players including William Steinitz, Bobby Fischer, David Bronstein and Boris Spassky. It is a true ...
17. 6 Things to Keep in Mind to Find Best Moves
(Articles/General Information)
Every chess player wants to learn how Grandmasters make those incredible moves. Do they have a special set of rules they follow to find the moves that win games, tournaments and even World Championship ...
18. 6 Ways to Win a Chess Game
(Articles/General Information)
Chess is everything art, science and sport. Most of all, chess is a war over the board. Any player knows that objective of the game is to win. There are only 3 ways to claim a victory in chess: checkmating ...
19. 7 Best Games on Grunfeld Defense
... - Kramnik. Grunfeld Defense is a hyper-modern opening with many interesting ideas for both white and black pieces. It was played by many great players including Alekhine, Fischer, Karpov, and so on. Let's ...
20. 3 Best Games of the Week - 43
(Annotated Games/Opening Theory)
... couple mistakes in a winning position and black took over, that was it. Game #3: Van Foreest – Ivanchuk: Jordan Van Foreest is one of the most talented young players out there right now. ...
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