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... Cass supermodel and head of the Estonian Chess federation also is not listed. Again as far as rating my guess is most players listed are less than 1200 if they are not tournament players. ...
I want accurate method to calculate or measure my ELO Which software I can use ?? in some software my ELO = 1800 when I played online on DR. CHESS software against many online players it gives me a rate ...
I mostly agree with this article but there is key point missed at all...strong of your opponents (average rating)! Let's say I'm 2100 rated and I win 4 games with players around 1.900 in the same opening ...
I am glad you are enjoying the lessons. More lessons for intermediate and advanced players are coming soon! ...
Agree . e4 or d4 or any other opening move there are lot of variations and lot of lines and lot of ideas behind these openings. If you are a chess player you never say that d4 player is a defensive player ...
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