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1. 10 Habits of a Chess Master
(Articles/General Information)
... that one should seriously consider cutting off because it can seriously harm your thinking process. 2. Following live tournaments from all around the world Now with the apps on smartphones it ...
2. 7 Reasons Why Magnus Carlsen is World Champion
(Articles/General Information)
... him accumulate the information fast and put it in practice. In his games there are influences of the classical players and he is very flexible in thinking. He knows all types of structures, as well as ...
3. 5 Tips for Improving Your Chess
(Articles/Training Techniques)
... weak, but in fact, they lose games because thinking process is incorrect. This is one of the cases when looking in the mirror is not an option.  The most effective approach is showing some of the ...
... If you’ve ever observed a GM game closely, you’d notice that they start thinking after move 5 or 10 trying to remember how to best proceed in a position. Sure, they do understand what’s happening on the ...
5. 6 Things to Keep in Mind to Find Best Moves
(Articles/General Information)
... to find absolutely the best move over the board. Indeed, it is a good idea but only from a theoretical point of view. A chess player cannot afford spending 30 minutes thinking about how to recapture ...
6. 5 Ways to Start Thinking Like a Grandmaster
(Articles/Training Techniques)
... In this article we are going to give you 5 tips that could help you improve your chess thinking to a higher level and therefore you’ll make better decisions at the chessboard. Needless to say, the mentality ...
... the opponent is higher rated. The most common reasons are poor opening preparation and superficial thinking. A third reason can be a mix between inexperience and getting too nervous at the time of fulfilling ...
8. 5 Things to Do for Breaking 2000 ELO
(Articles/Training Techniques)
... lose everything when his time runs under 10-5 minutes? Many times. Avoid thinking unnecessarily. If you know the opening moves well, play them without hesitation. Sometimes club players spend a lot of ...
9. 7 Things to Do Before a Chess Game
(Articles/Training Techniques)
... thinking about the tournament standings, rating points and outcome of the game will only create anxiety and prevent you from focusing on important things. When you are in the game, you have many little ...
10. 7 Things About Chess Most Players Just Don’t Get
(Articles/Training Techniques)
... thinking, except that it won’t let you pass 140o elo. A stronger player would also take into account other possibilities such as checks, attacks and captures. After a brief analysis it is obvious that ...
... However, it is not really useful, as it only gives you a false idea and leads to very superficial thinking. Stick to your own choices and try to learn them in depth. 3. Combined Repertoire: It makes ...
... move or where they committed the losing move. This is the first BAD HABIT you have to avoid. Instead, analyze your games using your own thinking, writing notes with your own thoughts from the game and ...
13. 10 Steps for Getting Good at Chess – Fast
(Articles/Training Techniques)
... After a while they start thinking they can find the move, but use the computer just to simplify the task. Computer won’t help you in over-the-board games. You are totally on your own. Therefore, you must ...
14. 6 Ways Chess Masters Think Differently
(Articles/General Information)
... at chess. They focus on things like tactics, endgame mastery, opening theory but fail to address the most important issue – THINKING. In this article we will discover the six ways chess masters think differently ...
15. 7 Chess Moves You Should Never Play
(Articles/General Information)
... king, becomes vulnerable, and stops protecting the f3-knight but it also creates a weak square complex on h3, f3, and h4 and f4. This move is a huge positional mistake, no matter what was the thinking ...
16. 5 Things No Chess Player Wants to Hear
(Articles/General Information)
... a lucrative shortcut that many are taking. Chess players mislead themselves thinking that but running a 2 minute engine analysis they actually analyze the game. Computer did, but most likely no one learned ...
17. How to Win at Chess – 10 Key Tips to Follow
(Articles/General Information)
... than one move ahead Thinking one move ahead is sufficient for winning at chess, as long as you think only of the best move. Unfortunately, most chess players don’t know what move is the best. Therefore, ...
18. Chess Thinking on Different Levels: 2200 to 2500
(Articles/General Information)
In our previous article we have talked about the differences in thinking from 1600 up to 2200 and have given you some advice on what to study in order to improve your rating. However, we are probably safe ...
19. 5 Reasons Chess Training is Not Working for You
(Articles/General Information)
... course, or a DVD.  Every time we buy training materials we’re setting high expectations and hopes. We are thinking something like “this is the book that will take my game to the whole new level in ...
20. Chess Thinking on Different Levels: 1600 to 2200
(Articles/General Information)
... the rating levels and what should one study in order to reach a higher one? In this article we are going to talk about the differences in thinking between lower and higher rated players and how this ...
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