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Dear reader, Thanks for the comment. We were caught up in the World Championship Match. The final instalment of the report should follow soon. ...
... first press conference as World Champion: https://www.flickr.com/photos/davidllada/11022721695/in/photostream/lightbox/ 2) After his victory on round 6: https://www.flickr.com/photos/davidllada/10886805245/in/photostream/lightbox/ ...
Hello Mr. NM Leland Fuerstman. Thanks for sharing your thoughts we really appreciate it. "In April 1894 the British Chess Magazine described Steinitz as holding "the chess championship of the world for ...
1886-1894 equals 28 years for Wilhelm Steinitz World Championship reign. Lasker did not beat that record with 27? Your information is not correct. ...
What about this one? :-) http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/1/largest-book-signing ...
Hello Cecil, thanks for your comment. I have updated the list with a new record.
http://www.fide.com/component/content/article/4-tournaments/5055-world-record-604-board-simultaneous-chess-exhibition-by-gm-ehsan-ghaem-maghami-iri.html Correct record for most number of simultaneous  ...
88. On The Eve
... that are seen only after a careful examination. Here is one of them. http://www.thechessworld.com/learn-chess/48-reviews-/310-what-is-new-in-theory-nov2013 All the other games were bitter battles. When ...
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