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13 Awesome Chess Pages to 'Like' on Facebook E-mail
Written by Yury Markushin   
Thursday, 21 November 2013 00:43

facebook chessYou already know what are the 20 websites that will make you a better chess player.

Now it's time to switch our attention to social media. Today we will talk about chess on Facebook. Needless to say, good resources are necessary for becoming a  better chess player.  There are infinite number of chess pages you can "Like" on Facebook.

Here I present a list of 12 great chess pages from which you will definitely learn something:

1. Sicilian Defence

sicillian defence

Likes:  119k

Sicilian Defence page offers a lot of useful chess content, updated every few hours.  Most common topics include video coverage of professional chess tournaments and matches, opening analysis videos, tactical studies and Kingcrusher's chess video annotations. Kingcrusher specializes on ICC games annotations, classical games analysis, opening lines analysis, brilliant combinations  video  collection and so on.  You can learn a lot from them.

2. Chess Network

chess nerwork

Likes:  49k

Chess Network  page is run by a chess enthusiast, self-taught National Master Jerry  who plays chess for 25 years. No he isn't  50 or 40. He is 33 year old. This page has just about everything that has to do with chess, from tactics problems to correspondence games Jerry vs. Chess Network Facebook Page. Jerry produces a high quality, educational chess videos  that are available on the page, his YouTube channel  and on Twitch TV where he holds regular live events such as annotated blitz playing or grandmaster games analysis.  There are also many tutorial videos available on Chess Network page and his YouTube channel that address theoretical endgame studies and opening preparation.   Definitely worth checking out!

3. Online Chess Lessons


Likes: 18k

Online Chess Lessons page is run by NM William Stewart and GM Damian Lemos. They specialize in covering pro chess tournaments, video reports, chess images and daily tactics exercises for anyone who want to train his brain. They also analyze and comment grandmaster chess games and promote chess. It's a good informational resource. Chess players of any level will find something useful and interesting for themselves. Recommended.

4. Magnus Carlsen

magnus calrsen page

Likes: 168k

There are many fake pages of the world's number one chess player on Facebook, but this one is verified and genuine.  During the World Chess Championship Match against Anand, Carlsen's page exploded from 44k likes to 168k in just under 10 days. Who said chess is not a spectator's sport after all? There is a lot you can learn from the best players in chess. But Magnus Carlsen is not simply the best. He is the best among the best. On his page Carlsen talks about his life, chess, recent photo shots, won blitz games against his friends [video] (he calls them 'weak' and 'slow' even though they're like 2600 rated..) When Magnus Carlsen is busy winning chess tournaments he doesn't update the page frequently and the job goes to Team MC.  Anyways, definitely a must to check out page for anyone who loves chess.

5. Garry Kasparov

kasparov page

Likes: 64k

This is a page of a chess legend Garry Kasparov who is considered by many to be the best chess player in the history of the game.  He talks about many different topics from world politics, FIDE politics, leadership, to stating his professional opinion on different chess related events.  Great page to read.

6. Chess Cafe


Likes: 1.6k

ChessCafe is all about chess news. They don't provide fancy images or nice video reports. They don't post daily tactics and opening analysis. What they do provide is high quality, easy to read and understand chess tournaments reports, standings, results and analysis. Highly recommended page for anyone following professional chess events!

7. Play Chess

play chess

Likes: 5.9m

Play Chess page dedicated to supporting a very popular chess playing environment within Facebook called .. Play Chess. They also cover chess news and recent event on their page, as well as sharing funny and serious chess images.

8. Chess.com


Likes: 379k

Chess.com  page is dedicated to the largest chess website in the world. They provide a lot of useful chess content which includes chess news, videos on all imaginable topics from theory to testimonials, pictorial reports, daily puzzles, educational articles by titled chess players, etc. Everything is fresh and neat.

9. Chess Cube Chess

chess cube

Likes: 163k

Chess Cube page is dedicated to so-called chess playing platform.  Apart from covering the website's news they produce major chess tournaments reports, share tactical problems and post educational videos by Chess Network and Kingcrusher. They also hold special events where you can earn free cubits, ChessCube community virtual currency.

10. Chess Club Live

chess live club

Likes: 50k

Chess Club Live is probably the most active Facebook  chess page I saw. Every hour more awesome chess content is being shared. They specialize on chess tactics puzzles, chess quotes, chess news, major tournaments reports, chess images, humor and professional chess players profiles. They held multiple events to entertain and educate the readers. Good chess destination, definitely worth browsing.

11. Chess Queen

chess queen

Likes: 20k

Chess Queen is a page managed by 12th Women's World Chess Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk. She talks about her recent books, Chess King software (review) updates, news in women's chess and so on. She shares annotated games that she won on recent tournaments, shows off her thematic photo shots, etc. This page is worth taking your time to see for yourself.

12. Houdini Chess Engine


Likes: 2.5k

It's 21st century and the time when computers dominate at chess. No list would be complete without mentioning a chess engine's page. Even though this page is not as popular as Magnus Carlsen's, but the Houdini is the strongest chess engine in the world with rated about 3300 ELO.  Yes it is stronger than the strongest human being, by far. Period.

13. Memory Chess

memory chess

Likes: 4.8k

Memory Chess specializes in covering a chess history information. They do it in a fun, visual way. Most of the content is presented in the form of images. They share funny chess cartoons, beautiful and exotic chess pictures, grandmaster's portraits, etc.

If you like this list you may want to like our page to get more things like that:


Likes: 1.7k

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Last Updated on Thursday, 21 November 2013 10:53


+1 #6 Yury 2013-11-24 15:34
Thank's for sharing more pages :-)
Quote | Report to administrator
+1 #5 Vodafone chess 2013-11-24 01:02
I want to play better chess games
Quote | Report to administrator
+2 #4 Alex 2013-11-23 03:04
Chess-DB.com on Facebook: www.facebook.com/chessdb
Quote | Report to administrator
+1 #3 Yury 2013-11-22 21:24
Thank you Stephen and Alex for suggestions. I might release an updated version at some point :-)
Quote | Report to administrator
+2 #2 Alex 2013-11-22 09:57
That's a very good compilation of social media chess pages. I especially liked Carlsen's page for his personal images and thoughtful messages. I didn't know Mr, Kasparov was on facebook. I always stumbled upon fake pages, but you should us the real one.

Personally I would add a few more good pages:

ChessInformant: www.facebook.com/.../


Quote | Report to administrator
+3 #1 Stephen 2013-11-22 02:43
You missed my page: The Search for Chess Mastery (www.facebook.com/.../)

We cover chess news, post tactics, instructional videos, famous games with analysis, quotes and more! :)
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