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Middlegame Mastery Lilov

  • Openings   ( 148 Articles )

    Various opening ideas, tactics behind the openings and the famous opening traps

  • Middle Game   ( 79 Articles )

    The middle stage of the game with all its subtle tactics and strategy.

  • Endgame   ( 45 Articles )

    Learn to play this very important stage of the game - the endgame. An outcome of many chess battles gets desided here.

  • Training Techniques   ( 88 Articles )

    So how to we actually get better at Chess? The answer is there.

  • Health/Psycology   ( 10 Articles )

    Psychology of a chess competition cannot be underestimated. "Chess is 90% psychology" ~ Polgar

  • Chess How-to's   ( 15 Articles )

    Chess guides covering most common questions, mistakes, problems and misconceptions (lead to rapid improvement if used as prescribed)

  • General Information   ( 175 Articles )

    Information and curious facts about the game. Don't miss it!

  • Problems   ( 75 Articles )

    Chess problems/puzzles can be found here.

  • Problems: Solutions   ( 2 Articles )

    Solutions for tactics problems

  • WGM Natalia Pogonina's Articles   ( 6 Articles )

    These are the articles that comes from WGM Natalia Pogonina's official website due to cooperation between TheChessWorld.com & Pogonina.com

  • Cool Chess Things   ( 17 Articles )

    Here you can find various cool and entertaining chess things

  • Total Chess   ( 35 Articles )

    Series of lectures from the innovative chess instructor John Herron which cover many aspects of chess including rules, strategies, tactics and checkmates.

  • Reviews   ( 95 Articles )