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What is the object of playing a gambit opening?... To acquire a
reputation of being a dashing player at the cost of losing a game ~ chess quote by Siegbert Tarrasch

I have never in my life played the French Defence,
which is the dullest of all openings ~ chess quote by Wilhelm Steinitz

Many Chess players were surprised when after the game, Fischer quietly explained: 'I had already analyzed this possibility' in a positionwhich I thought was not possible to foresee from the opening ~ chess quote by Mikhail Tal

I consider Fischer to be one of the greatest opening experts ever ~ chess quote by Keith Hayward

It doesn't require much for misfortune to strike in the King's Gambit - one incautious move, and Black can be on the edge of the abyss.  ~ chess quote by Anatoly Karpov

It is no secret that any talented player must in his soul be an artist, and what could be dearer to his heart and soul than the victory of the subtle forces of reason over crude material strength! Probably everyone has his own reason for liking the King`s Gambit, but my love for it can be seen in precisely those terms. ~ chess quote by David Bronstein

It would be as naive to study the song of the nightingale, as it would be ridiculous to try and win a King's Gambit against a representative of the old chess guard. ~ chess quote by David Bronstein

Why are not more King's Gambits played nowadays? Well, in the first place, if you offfered the King's Gambit to a master, eight times out of ten he would decline it, either with 2. … d5 or 2. … Bc5.  ~ chess quote by Frank Marshall

By what right does White, in an absolutely even position, such as after move one, when both sides have advanced 1. e4, sacrifice a pawn, whose recapture is quite uncertain, and open up his kingside to attack? And then follow up this policy by leaving the check of the black queen open? None whatever ! ~ chess quote by Emanuel Lasker

Theory regards this opening as incorrect, but it is impossible to agree with this. Out of the five tournament games played by me with the King's Gambit, I have won all five. ~ chess quote by David Bronstein