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In blitz, the knight is stronger than the bishop. ~ chess quote by Vlastmil Hort

Yes, I have played a blitz game once. It was on a train, in 1929.  ~ chess quote by Mikhail Botvinnik

It is very difficult to play a single blitz game! You want to play for a long time. So I tend not to do that anymore. ~ chess quote by Viswanathan Anand

Playing rapid chess, one can lose the habit of concentrating for several hours in serious chess. That is why, if a player has big aims, he should limit his rapidplay in favour of serious chess.  ~ chess quote by Vladimir Kramnik

He who analyses blitz is stupid. ~ chess quote by Rashid Nezhmetdinov

Blitz chess kills your ideas. ~ chess quote by Bobby Fischer

Like dogs who sniff each other when meeting, chess players have a ritual at first acquaintance: they sit down to play speed chess. ~ chess quote by Anatoly Karpov