3 Best Games of the Week – 2

3 Best Games of the Week – 2

For this week we have chosen a Slav Defense, an English opening and a Kings Indian defense with 7…Na6. They all have in common very lively play with fancy attacks, but also lots of complications that are analyzed in detail.


Game 1: Navara, D. – Parligras, M.

A good example of how to attack the king in the center. White exploited black’s unforced error on move 9 with 10.e6! and continue to win in great style. However, as we shall see, black’s position was still possible to save. In the analysis you will learn that no matter how difficult your position may seem, there may always be a defense. Black couldn’t stand the heat and cracked quickly with 18…Bxh6 instead of 18…b6!

Game 2: Sargissian, G. – Kempinski, R.

The King’s Indian defense always produces interesting games. In this game we see a very obscure sideline of the 7…Na6 variation. Sargissian makes an instructive exchange sacrifice that soon turned into a winning position.

Game 3: Lupulescu, C. – Korobov, A.

One of the most popular lines of the Slav defense nowdays. Black played in a very interesting way against white’s hyper positional approach. Korobov shows a way for black to sharpen things up in the opening. This game was very complex and there were several big mistakes from both players, but there is still a lot to learn from it. In the game analysis you will find amazing resources that white could have played in order to fight back against black’s initiative.

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Updated 01.07.2024