3 Best Games of The Week – 23

3 Best Games of The Week – 23

This week, all eyes are on London, where the top players of the world are fighting for the podium. Even though so far the tournament has seen many draws, the few decisive games are definitely worth taking a look at. For this week’s edition of the 3 best games we decided to start with Nakamura’s win with the white pieces over the ex-World Champion Anand.


Game 1:

White obtained a good position after a novelty in the opening and won a pawn, but the win wasn’t easy, as black had the bishop pair to compensate for the missing material. It’s very instructive to see how Nakamura plays against the two bishops and tries to limit their activity. If you’re looking for more ideas on how to play against the bishop pair, don’t forget to check out our latest article on this subject!


Game 2:

For the next example we chose a great attacking game played by the young Grandmaster Saanan Sjugirov with the black pieces against Grandmaster Denis Khismatullin. Black took advantage of white’s open king and quickly launched a very dangerous attack. In a very difficult position white couldn’t find the best defense and he soon got mated.


Game 3:

The last game we chose was played between two very talented Chinese chessplayers, Grandmasters Lu Shanglei and Bu Xiangzhi. It’s very instructive to see how black followed the chess principles and sacrificed a pawn for initiative (better piece development and coordination), which left white in a difficult position. The game ended with a very nice attack against the queenside castled king.

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Updated 01.07.2024