3 Best Games of The Week – 25

For this week’s edition we have chosen three games played in the recently finished Qatar Masters which treated us to some very strong and exciting fights.

We are going to start with a brilliant victory of the reigning World Champion Magnus Carlsen over the talented Chinese player Li Chao.

It has many times been said that the style of play of the current champion is dull and boring thanks to his preference for endgames and dry positions, but this game proves that he is an excellent attacker as well. Check it out!


Game 1


The next game sees the Russian Grandmaster Dmitry Jakovenko winning with the white pieces against the strong Moldavian Grandmaster Victor Bologan in a theoretical variation of the Slav Defense where white sacrifices a piece for two pawns and better piece development early in the opening.

The position is far from clear, but the Russian player found a nice idea to keep black under pressure and eventually win.


Game 2

Last, we invite you to see Sanan Sjugirov’s win over the top Azeri Grandmaster Shakhriyar Mamedyarov. Black chose an unusual variation of the Steinitz Defense that creates some weaknesses on his kingside. It’s instructive to watch the way white exploits the “holes” in black’s position.


Game 3

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Updated 12.26.2023