3 Best Games of the Week – 37

Last few days have been great for chess. Lots of tournaments from all over the world and great games played by several strong Grandmasters all over the world made very difficult to pick only three ‘’best games’’. However, we did a very nice selection and we hope you enjoy it.

Game 1: Carlsen, M – So, W Bilbao Masters

What’s most impressive about this game is how Magnus makes a win over an extremely strong opponent look easy. With a classical opening such as the Ruy Lopez the world champion was able to set up problems for black at a very early stage of the game. Wesley failed to react in the best way and ended up losing a rather short game.

Game 2: Carlsen, M – Karjakin, S Bilbao Masters

The first battle between the world champion Magnus Carlsen and Karjakin as world champion contender. Judging by this game, Karjakin will have a difficult match against Magnus for the world crown, he was outclassed with a side line against the Sicilian Defense and Magnus seemed to have won without even showing his best weapons. The game shows how to build an attack against the weakened castle.

Game 3: Edouard,R – Maghsoodloo, Parham World vs Iran Stars

Remember the name Maghsoodloo because we believe it’s going to rise quite soon. At the moment his rating is ‘’only 2501’’ but his recent tournament performance shows that he is way stronger than this. He scored 8 / 10 with 6 wins and 4 draws against stronger opposition and a rating performance of 2862. We have decided to include a nice victory against the French Grandmaster Edouard Romain (2639) to show you the tactical skills of this young player.

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Updated 04.07.2023