How to Beat a Master at Chess?

How to Beat a Master at Chess?

I have written many articles on the topics of improvement at chess, becoming a better chess player and beating a stronger opponent at chess. Throughout that time I was getting mostly positive responses from the readers. Some agreed with the ideas I presented, some were pretty skeptical at first but then tend to share my thoughts, some completely disagreed (not many, but I cannot completely ignore this category as well).

Regardless of the category you belong to, you may ask does the methods and ideas recommended throughout this website work at all? Am I going to become a stronger chess player if I follow your guidelines? And you’re right, you should be critical and question the information you’re being exposed to.

In today’s article I will show and analyze one of my recent “officially rated” chess games that I played against a National Master (FIDE ~ 2250) and managed to win it using techniques I advocate.

Yury Markushin – Charlie Bouzoukis

officially rated game, 90 min. time control

This game was picked by me for analyzes and publication because it touches many very important aspects of chess: Beating a Stronger Opponent at Chess, Playing Chess in a Lost Position and How to Analyze Chess Games. In this game I played White. Feel free to browse through the game while reading comments at the same time.

If you have any thoughts and opinions feel free to share them below. If you have some interesting games of your own feel free to share them too and they may be published.

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Updated 04.05.2023


Aggelos kesaris:
Hi there and thanks for your game. You were just lucky because your position is not recommendable for White players... Before the move Ng7 the game is one side and only Black can win.What is your FIDE elo?
You are welcome Jual, we have more instructive games to share :-)
Jual Catur Magnet:
Very good game analysis by master Yury Markushin, all chess player from all level can understand the idea behind move by move because of good instructive and clear commentary. Thank you so much..
Thanks for your comments. The typos were fixed as well as the interactive board reader . :-)
Blacks 2 move is missing..
After Nf3 your opponents move is missing.. Next move is white again with d4..
There seem to be errors in annotation, for example:"Black has two very strong pawns: e5 and d5"(e5 and c5?)"Black will try to move its King to, say; h1 put a Rook on g1" (h8/g8?)
Good win. I hope I can beat a Master someday...or at least draw. I am 1400 rated.