Little Chess Partner Checkmated!

Here is the game played against the Little Chess Partner. The online version plays around 2000 ELO on fast PCs, maybe better. I was running Little Chess Partner on AMD Athlon(TM) 4800+ 62×2 Processor, with 2 Gb RAM. Program was set for 10 seconds fixed time search. While playing Little Chess Partner I discovered a few week spots that can be used by one against this program. I will write about that in the next article. Okay, let’s take a look at the position itself. I was playing black.

little chess partner view

The program line above the game window shows that program reached a search depth of 6, while spending 10.004 seconds and it analyzed about 933,572 nodes. The score of “-81” means that white is loosing 0.8 points (1point = 1pawn). It’s quiet incorrect, since, as we’ll shortly see, white is in big trouble here.

Material is balanced, but the white king’s position is devastating after 1…Bxf2! 2.Qxf2. The strongest move for black now is 2…Rg3! which after 3.Qh2 Rxh3 4.Qxh3 Qxh3+ wins the white’s queen and a pawn for a rook. But, I did not see that during the game, so I simply took the pawn: 2…Qxh3+ 3.Qh2 it’s no need for white to trade pieces here so I played 3…Qe6, preparing Rh6. Little chess partner should have played
4. f4! and if 4…Rh6 then 4.fxe5 Rxh2 5. Kxh2 and white got a rook and a knight for a queen, but still in very bad position.
Little chess partner played 4.Qf2 Rh6+ 5.Kg8 which made black’s position from terrible to even worse:

little chess partner checkmated
Black to move. What would you play?

The winning line is 5…Qh3 threatening Qh1 mate. The only defense is 6.Qg2. But now: 6…Rg6 – white queen is pinned and cannot capture black’s queen. So, 7.Qxg6 fxg6 and white eventually lost:

little chess partner lost

Playing The Little Chess Partner helps to improve the game overall, since the program is pretty strong.
Play it now and improve your chess game vision, openings, and the game overall.

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Updated 04.07.2023