Luxus Chess Set

Chess is a kind of game that even Kings themselves played in the past. It is a common knowledge that Indian Shahs ended their territorial wars due to the invention of chess. They were able to decide their disputes by the brain power translated into pieces’ moves on the chess board rather than by pointless wars. Even though the rules of the game and chess soldiers were a little different from ones used in the modern game the ultimate goal stayed unchanged for thousands of years: to checkmate the enemy’s King. Obviously the Shahs and Kings played on very expensive boards made out of gold and silver and crafted with diamonds and other precious stones.

We would like to introduce to your attention the Cubic Zirconia Luxury Chess Set available exclusively
through Manufacturer decided to Produce only 50 chess boards and distributed
throughout the World.

This Chess Board & Chess Pieces made through the latest technology in jewelry manufacturing which is CAD-CAM Technology to give a precise and accurate output to this Luxurious product.

The board itself has dimensions of 200 mm x 200 mm

  • Each chess piece is studded with very fine Swarovski Gems Cubic Zirconia Stones & Made with
  • Precious Metal Silver with International Purity Level of 92.50% . (weight 1500 g)
  • There are about 11500 Cubic Zirconia Swarovski Gems are used in these Luxury Chess Set
  • Chess Board and Chess Pieces are stored in the high quality wooden box with 3 opening doors
  • Inside of the box is made out of the high quality acrylic material to insure safe storage of the luxury chess set
  • Two pair of cotton gloves are enclosed in the box to insure long life of these luxury chess pieces

See the images below:

#1. Luxury Chess King

#2. Luxury Chess Knight

#3. Luxury Chess Pawn

#4. Luxury Chess Bishop

#5. Luxury Chess Rook

#6. Luxury Chess Queen

If you have any questions about the chess set please contact us.

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Updated 11.17.2023


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