10 Best Chess Games by Vasily Smyslov

Yury Markushin

Vasily Smyslov was a World Chess Champion from 1957 to 1958. He was also a candidate for the World Championship Matches on 8 different occasions and has won 17 (!) Chess Olympiad medals (all time record). Smyslov was a strong positional chess player, and at the same time a very technical endgame expert. He made a gigantic contribution in development of the opening theory, especially in openings like English, Sicilian and Grunfeld.




Game 1

Game 2

Smyslov is no doubt a great positional player. Most chess players cannot attack well NOT because they lack some specific knowledge, but because they lack skills and certain way of thinking which allows to find the correct attacking combination in a complex position. Reading chess books won’t be a very effective cure in this situation. Our training program will fill in the blanks which will allow you to perform much better over the board.

Game 3

Game 4

Game 5

Game 6

Game 7

Game 8

Game 9

Game 10

If you want to improve your chess level, you need to have a clear study plan. If you aim for a dramatic improvement at chess you need to work on all of the elements of the game in a systematic way:

  • tactics
  • positional play
  • attacking skills
  • endgame technique
  • classical games analysis
  • psychological preparation
  • and much more

That seems to be like a lot of things, and that is. But no worries, we have made it easy for you. Our comprehensive training course covers it all and much more. Sign up for 21 Day Training right now!

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Updated 04.08.2023


In the 1st game, instead of Black shouldn't [b]except[/b] the pawn sacrifice, pls. read "accept".Interesting games, but none with Smyslov playing black?
In game 1, instead of Black shouldn't [b]except [/b]the pawn sacrifice, pls. read "accept".Interesting games but none with Smyslov playing black?
Good point Momir. Thank you chessbibliophile, for clarifying the issue.
Momir Radovic:
Thanks Chessbibliophile! This really seems to be an unabridged two-tome edition of the Russian Leonardo Chess original with 324 games. A real gem, sort of chess Bible. For those who know some Russian, sshhh, you can download online for free!
Momir Radovic:
Yuri, great job you brought one of the greatest to the light. Shame, all sort of books are out these days (some of them just comp analysis without chess IDEAS at all), while an amazing book of Smyslov games in Russian (324 in total on more than 800 pages) has never been translated to English (Cardogan published 125 Collected Games as far as I know).I've been planning for some time to put some games up on my blog. You'll be surprised, some games from earlier period are Morphi-like!a dispatch from Georgia's #1 chess blog at www.iplayoochess.com
Dear reader, as a matter of fact, two volumes of Smyslov’s Best Games of Chess are available in English. They have been published by Moravian Chess House.
Muito interessante o curso de voces. Estam de parabéns.
Amazing collection of the Classics compiled by your team. Great Work