Best Сhess Tactics — 10 World’s Greatest Tactical Chess Games

Attacking chess and the tactical combinations are perhaps some of the most important topics a club player should learn. There are plenty of resources available to improve, from tactics trainers to books and video courses.

Nevertheless, it seems like club players cannot get enough of it and always strive to improve further. And that’s understandable because tactics on under 2000-2200 level decide most of the games.

To help you out a bit, we have decided to compile a short list consisting of some of the “World’s Greatest” tactics and combinations played by some of the greatest chess players. See it for yourself, and you can probably learn a thing or two.

Chess tactics 1:

Chess tactics 2:

Chess tactics 3:

Chess tactics 4:

Chess tactics 5:

Chess tactics 6:

Chess tactics 7:

Chess tactics 8:

Chess tactics 9:

Chess tactics 10:

If you want to learn more about tactics and attacking chess go ahead and read 10 Best Games from Bobby Fischer and 10 Best games by Mikhail Tal.

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Updated 08.04.2023


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