Top 10 Tactical Hits by Magnus Carlsen

Top 10 Tactical Hits by Magnus Carlsen

Today we will explore some of Magnus Carlsen’s tactical combination that brought him many victories. By going over his games and putting yourself in his shoes we will evaluate the positions carefully and learn how to apply these tricks in your own games. Here are all 10 tactical hits by Magnus Carlsen:

Position 1. Gaasland, Glenn – Carlsen, Magnus, Norway 2001

Position 2. Aarefjord, Christian – Carlsen, Magnus, Oslo 2001


Position 3. Carlsen, Magnus – Gulbrandsen, Gustav, Norway 2002


Position 4. Hammer, Jon Ludvig – Carlsen, Magnus, Chalkidiki 2003


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Position 5. Carlsen, Magnus – Nikolic, Predrag, Wijk aan Zee 2005


Position 6. Carlsen, Magnus – Groenn, Atle, Sandnes 2005


Position 7. Carlsen, Magnus – Morozevich, Alexander, Biel 2006


Position 8. Naiditsch, Arkadij – Carlsen, Magnus, Wijk aan Zee 2006


Position 9. Karjakin, Sergey – Carlsen, Magnus, Moscow 2009


Position 10. Karpov, Anatoly – Carlsen, Magnus, Moscow 2009


The lesson is simple, work on your tactics, it will help you to win more games:

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Updated 01.06.2024


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