10 Best Chess Games by Wesley So

Wesley So is a Filipino chess prodigy currently representing the US. He is the number 2 rated chess player in the world behind only Magnus Carlsen. He set a record by being the youngest player to cross 2600, previously held by Carlsen. So has a very aggressive and tactical style, and likes to sacrifice his queen or any other pieces for starting a devastating attack. At the same time, his play is very solid and reliable. Today we will see some of his best games.

Game 1:

Wesley So – Game 2:

Game 3:

Game 4:

Wesley So – Game 5:

Game 6:

Wesley So – Game 7:

Game 8:

Wesley So – Game 9:

Game 10:

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Updated 06.08.2023


Yury Markushin:
Only one loss, great game nevertheless.
Elliott Winslow:
WHY do you put LOSSES in these "best games" articles??