1.e4 Opening: 5 Reasons Why Attacking Players Should Play It

1.e4 Opening: 5 Reasons Why Attacking Players Should Play It

1.e4 “best by test” opening might very well be the best fit for you! And here are the five reasons why you should consider playing 1.e4 if you are an attacking player!

Are you an attacking player, that always wants to do something ‘active’ in a position and hates maneuvering, prophylactic moves, and other non-essential activities? If you’d rather play a sharp, nerve-wracking, double-edged game, rather than a quiet 20-move draw you should keep reading.

If so, I have awesome news for you!

1. Fight for the Initiative Straight from the Opening (1.e4)

Like to jump into action after move 1, rather than waiting for 15 moves to develop your pieces, castle, connect your rooks, place all your pieces on active squares… yada yada yada?

1.e4 opening provides just that. If you are a dynamic player, that loves to fight for initiative and steer clear of boring positions and results [like 14 straight draws in the World Championship Match] 1.e4 is there for you.

King’s Pawn Opening offers plenty of sharp lines and variations to choose from. Think about Sicilian, French, or… the King’s Gambit.

2. Plenty of Open Positions

Open positions give plenty of opportunities for launching a devastating attack on the enemy king. That’s why it’s every attacking player’s dream.

Playing 1.e4 leads to plenty of those in many variation scenarios. 1.d4 on the other hand leads to a more closed setup, ensuring a peaceful game.

Looking to spice things up, and blow the position open? Then 1.e4 should be your opening of choice.

3. Lower Probability for a Draw (1.e4)

Some players think draws a part of the game. Some think draws are killing the game. Others feel draws are awesome. If you are an attacking player, most likely, a draw isn’t a result you are hoping for… unless you are a club player facing a Grandmaster.

And even if that is the case playing a more active opening will increase your chances to survive against a stronger opponent. In other words, if you hate the draws, you should seriously consider playing 1.e4 🙂

4. Tons of Sharp Lines

1.e4 offers a rich variety of sharp continuations to choose from. No matter, what opening black goes for white always has a chance to switch gears and sharpen the game up.

5. Fischer Loved 1.e4

If you’re still not convinced that the most popular opening 1.e4 is advantageous for attacking players, here is the last try to convince you.

Bobby Fischer, perhaps the greatest attacking genius of all times loved 1.e4 and played it almost exclusively in his games.

To be fair, he did try 1.d4 as well in a simul against Eugenio Gomez… and lost.


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Updated 12.21.2023