7 Best Games on Grunfeld Defense

Yury Markushin

Grunfeld Defense is a very popular choice for amateurs and professionals alike. It was tried and tested many times in elite tournaments and World Championship Matches including Kasparov – Karpov and Kasparov – Kramnik. This Opening is a hyper-modern opening with many interesting ideas for both white and black pieces. It was played by many great players including Alekhine, Fischer, Karpov, and so on. Let’s take a look at the seven best games played with Grunfeld Defense.

Game 1:

Grunfeld Defense – Game 2:

Game 3:

Grunfeld Defense – Game 4:

Game 5:

Grunfeld Defense – Game 6:

Game 7:

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Looking for more on This Opening? Here are The Quick Guide, 10 Reasons to Play It, and Attacking the center.

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Updated 07.02.2023


In game 1 why at 15: c4 not Bxf8