7 Greatest Games on Semi-Slav [updated]

Yury Markushin
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7 Greatest Games on Semi-Slav [updated]

Semi-Slav is one of the most popular variations of Queen’s Gambit Declined. It can be reached by various move orders. Black builds a pawn triangle, c6-d5-e6 and with …dxc4, …a6 and …b5 mobilizes his queenside pawns. The light-squared bishop is placed on b7, once the diagonal is opened after …dxc4.

Play is comparatively smooth in Meran and Moscow Variation and wild in Anti-Meran, especially, the Botvinnik System. Players have played many great games with Semi-Slav. In this article, we will explore and learn from some of them.

Here are 7 classic games in the opening. We have deliberately kept them without annotations so that readers can explore them on their own. Do post comments and questions on our home page so that there is a lively discussion. We shall lend a helping hand from time to time-Ed.

Semi-Slav – Game 1:

Game 2:

Semi-Slav – Game 3:

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Game 4:

Semi-Slav – Game 5:

Game 6:

Semi-Slav – Game 7:

Looking for more on the Semi-Slav? Here is some more about This Opening.

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Updated 12.21.2023