[Video] You got to see this Opening!

[Video] You got to see this Opening!

I have some VERY interesting insight to share with you today… that will make opening play whole a lot simpler for you.

IM Milovan Ratkovic was going behind the scenes into the opening preparation of his students.

He analyzed everything in-depth.

Broke everything down into what works and what doesn’t.

Made a list of the top-performing openings for club players, taking into account the winning percentages as well as “easiness-of-preparation”.

And there was ONE that draw his attention.

You will learn about this opening in a second, directly from IM Ratkovic…

Milovan is sharing the results in a small (but impactful) 9-minute video.

Pssst… Tomorrow we will release the Part II of this video where IM Milovan Ratkovic will be deep diving into the opening!

Update: Beat 1.e4 e5 Complete Repertoire for White with IM Ratkovic is LIVE!

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Updated 12.21.2023