3 Hardest Mate-in-5 Ever

Yury Markushin
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Today we are presenting 3 hand-picked, mate-in-5 problems. These are some pretty difficult problems that may take you some time to figure out. How strong do you need to be to solve them? Well, I do not know exactly, but I know that after you solve these problems you will definitely get a little stronger tactically. Go ahead, challenge yourself, and don’t forget to leave a comment with your solutions!

If you have difficulty figuring out how to approach these problems I can give you couple of pointers.

1. Start with forcing moves. Checks, mate threats, and captures should be your first choice moves. Remember, the fewer options you give your opponent, the fewer lines you need to calculate.

2. If that does not work, check quiet moves, which lead to improvement of your position and followed by forcing moves.

3. If you have found a variation with a single possible response line for your opponent, you’re on the right track.

Note: want to make this task more difficult? Do not use an analysis board. Make all necessary calculations in your head, write your solution down and only then check on the board if you’re right or not. If you have difficult time, you may simplify your task my using an analysis board.

Position 1: H. Grasemann, “Deutsche Schachhefte”, 1950

position 1

White to move and mate in 5

Position 2: K. Yunker, “Deutsche Schachzeitung”, 1960

position 2

White to move and mate in 5

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Position 3: A. Kremer, “Die Welt”, 1949

position 3

White to move and mate in 5

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Updated 04.10.2023


Paulo Sousa:
Position 2 is mate in 4
It took me nothing to do the first but still m unrated
Mushtaq Shaikh:
1. Kf2 Ne3 2. Ng3#
Hello Erdzky and thanks for your comment. I though you will have a pretty good idea what is "inside" the training course after reading sections like - The Complete Package - tell you exactly what you will get access to- Here is what you will learn - tells you.. what you will learn :) it is all here http://www.thechessworld.com/supercharge/
Thanks for always a new Topic about Chess Improvement. But regarding 21 Days Supercharge, , , , How can we order that we don't know or no idea of what inside of that Physical CD? please elaborate.
the 2th position have only 4 moves to mate1. Qa8 Be62. Re2 Bh33. Re1+ Kh24. Qb8#
Matthieu Asnar:
1 - Qd5+ Kg1 ; Qh1+ Kxh1 ; Kf2 Nd2 ; Ng3 #2 - Qa8 Bd5 ; Qxd5 Kh2 ; Rg4 g1 = Q; Qh5#3 - Kb2 Rb8+ ; Ka3 Re8 ; Nd3 Rc8 ; Qf2 #