Chess Tactics: Study 1 – Mate in 2

Chess Tactics: Study 1 – Mate in 2

I have written previously that tactics is a very important part of chess. In fact many chess games are being resolved due to some form of tactics: sacrifice, fork, pin, double attack, skewer, etc. Therefore, regularly practicing tactics will not only allow you to play better attacking chess, but will also make you see things your opponent is planning to do and hopefully to prevent it. You already may know that it is possible to solve tactical problems on this website by going here; these are pretty straightforward positions which are not very hard to solve.

The problems posted below are not exactly your ordinary tactical puzzles. The main difference is that you need to find the way to mate in the specified number of moves. Many of them are really easy to solve without this limitation. But they are very hard to solve in required number of moves, so our goal is to obey this rule. This week’s tactical studies will only include “mate in 2” problems. If you think it’s too easy, think again.  The solutions and next 7 problems will be posted next week. Good Luck.


#1 S. Lloyd “Sunny South” 1885. White to move and mate in 2.

chess tactics diagram


#2 A. Galitsky “Niva” 1905. White to move and mate in 2.

chess tactics


#3 L. Cubel “Narodni Listy” 1903 White to move and mate in 2.

chess study


#4 M. Marble, G.Battman “Pittsburg Gassete Times” 1915. White to move and mate in 2.

chess puzzle


#5 G. Vennink “Good Campanion” 1917. White to move and mate in 2.

chess tactics


#6 P. Leopold “Deutshe Schachzeitung” 1923. White to move and mate in 2.

chess tactics


#7 A. Kramer “Bohumer Anzeiger” 1926. White to move and mate in 2.

chess tactics



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Updated 04.08.2023


Your answer is wrong, Maurice, because king can escape to H8. Qa8 is the best answer here
Jose Raul:
La respuesta 1 no es correcata a mover Da8 ¿Porque pensar que van a encerrar al Rey con Torre. Este escaparia a B6 y D6. Ademas las respuestas de mover Ag8 el Rey se escapa a Rh8. El primer problema seria mas de 3 movimientos. La regla basica de los ejercicios es mover en los movimientos indicados a las unicas posibilidades y no a lo que creas que haria el contrincante. Saludos desde Mexico:)
Yury Markushin:
Can you share your solution?
Laasya guntu:
The first problem
Laasya guntu:
I mated in 1 move
Problems 3 and 4 are the same
Bg8+ then Kh8
sorry Mustapha,#1 wrong.....The correct answer is...1.Bg8+ Rxg8 2.Qh6#
for god`s sake at least give FEN for these problems!!! Thanks anyway.
New problems are up. The "official" answers will be posted shortly for set 1.
Mustapha has got all correct, but puzzle 5 needs correction-- 1.Qc4 and for Bc6 he has 2.Qb4 mate.. I have a book on 2 move mates, its more tough and difficult then 3-4 movers.. :)
Good Job, Mustapha. I will try to bring something harder as a prize for you (next week it'll be). I will not disclose the "answers" just yet ;)
I've solved all. Any prize for me?puzzle #1.1.Qa8 Rg7 2.Qh1# OR 1...any other move and Queen mates on g8.puzzle #2.1.Rd2 Kf4 2.Rf2# OR 1...any Bishop Move 2.Qf1#puzzle #3 and #41.Qe8 c6 2.Qh5# OR 1...cxd6 2.Rh5# OR 1...C5 2.Qe4# OR 1...Kc5/cxb6 2.Qb5#puzzle #51.Qf5 Bc6 2.Qg5# OR 1...c6 2.Qe5# OR 1...c5 2.e6# OR 1...Bd5 Qxd5# OR 1...Any other Bishop move 2.Qxc7#puzzle #61.Qh7 f5/f6 2.Qa7# OR 1...Kg1 2.Bc5# OR 1...g1 = N 2.Qh2# OR 1...g1=Q/B/R 2.Qc2#puzzle #7 (the easiest coz there's only 1 branch)1.Rc8 Kxg3 2.Qc7#Bring 3 to 4 move maters these ones are too easy even though they are well constructed