Endgame Studies # 8

“If elephants could dance…”

Vladimir Korolkov (1907–1987) was a giant among composers of 20th Century.

He created as many as 413 studies and a number of them won first prizes. He was awarded the title of Grandmaster for Composition by FIDE. In later years he also served as a judge in composing tournaments. As EG magazine put it, he broke the barriers of the possible and set new standards of composition. He amazed chess players with his work and fired their imagination.* For all his extraordinary achievement this great composer retained his sense of humour and modesty to the end.

Every piece on the board had a place in the heart of this generous artist. And the rooks were special! They danced with gay abandon when he waived his magic wand. Here is a wonderful example.

endgame 8

White to move

A.J. Roycroft’s Tribute in EG

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Updated 12.26.2023


Dear friend,Thanks.Of course the solution is right.Other tries are no less interesting, although they fail.
John Herron:
1 Rg1 (threatens 2 Bd7#) Qg4 2 Bxg4 (threatens 3 Bd7#) hxg4 3 Rc1 (threatens 4 Rxc4#) c3 4 Rd1 d3 5 Re1 e3 6 Rf1 f3 7 Rg1 g3 8 Rh1 h3 9 Rxh3 and 10 Rh4#!