Total Chess: King & Queen vs. King

Total Chess: King & Queen vs. King

This is the most common endgame in chess.

It usually comes about when you promote a pawn to a queen, and then you have to checkmate the opponent to win the game. The best way to do this is to follow the three steps for this endgame.

You will be able to force the opponent into checkmate quickly and easily every time.


1) Approach with your king: You must use your king and queen working together to get checkmate. Your king alone is not enough, and your queen alone is not enough. The first thing you need to do is move your king as close as possible to the opponent’s king. Of course, you cannot move your king next to the opponent’s king, because that would put your king in check. But you can move it one square away from the opponent’s king.

2) Box in with your queen: Next, use your queen to form a box around the opponent’s king. This prevents the opponent’s king from escaping out to the rest of the board. Then you gradually make the box smaller and smaller until you can force the opponent’s king onto the edge of the board. You cannot get checkmate until the king is on the edge of the board. The opponent will usually try to keep his king in the center. You must force his king to the edge of the board.

3) Watch out for stalemate: The most common mistake in this endgame is getting stalemate instead of checkmate. If you have a king and a queen against a king, will you be happy with stalemate, a draw? Of course not. You want to win! If you only get a draw, then your extra queen means nothing. So, you must be careful not to get stalemate. As soon as the opponent’s king reaches the edge of the board, you must watch out for stalemate. Make sure to leave the opponent’s king at least one legal move when you do not put the king in check.

king and queen mate king and queen mate

king and queen mate king and queen mate

These are the position needs to be followed in order to checkmate King with Queen + King


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Updated 04.10.2023


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