Top 5 Classical Checkmates Every Player Must Know

Top 5 Classical Checkmates Every Player Must Know

Today we will cover the 5 classical checkmates that any practical chess player must know. This is a continuation of the previously written article that covers 13 typical checkmates. You will learn about Anastasia’s mate, Arabian mate, Corridor’s mate, Reti’s mate and the Smothered mate. After going over these mating themes you will be able to easily apply them in your own games.

1. Anastasia’s Mate


2. Arabian Mate


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3. Corridor’s Mate


4. Reti’s Mate


5. Smothered Mate


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Updated 01.07.2024


Das, N:
Thanks For The Interesting material :) ... Surely this mates will help us sometimes in Standard and Rapid games , and Most of the times in blitz .... :)