GM Sergey Kasparov

Sergey Kasparov learned to play chess when he was 7. He started playing chess in the same school where ex-World Champion Garry Kasparov started his path. In 1999 Sergey obtained the title of International Master and in 2007 – Grandmaster. Sergey Kasparov won multiple prestigious tournaments including Bilbao, Guben and Goteborg to name a few. His peak rating is 2546 FIDE.

Chess Articles by GM Sergey Kasparov

Should I Take a Draw?

should-I-take-drawFrom time to time our opponents offer a draw and so do we. Let’s try to figure out how to make the right decision about the “draw offer”. Different aspects should be considered here: the situation on the chessboard, level of the opponent, time left on the clock, your current state in the tournament, how […]
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