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IM Renier Castellanos is a Spanish chess player and coach who was born in 1982. He had a peak FIDE rating of 2528 and has 2 GM Norms.

He also holds the title of FIDE Trainer.

He has also won several tournaments in Spain and abroad.

He is also a popular online instructor who teaches chess students of various levels and ages on online platforms.

He has produced many chess courses and videos on topics such as positional chess, openings, endgames, and tactics.

Chess Articles by IM Renier Castellanos

Opposite Color Bishops

Another important element of the chess strategy is the presence of opposite color bishops on the board. Inexperienced players tend to think that every position with opposite color bishops is drawish. This common stereotype very often leads them to make small positional mistakes. For example, simplifying the game to enter into an opposite color bishops […]

The Bishop Pair: 5 Things to Know

In modern chess, the bishop pair has been established as a positional advantage in the majority of cases. It’s very common nowadays to hear teachers tell their students ‘keep your bishops’ or ‘capture that bishop’. In today’s chess, the importance given to this element has increased to the point that in some of the most […]

Beating the Najdorf Sicilian: Common Middlegame Structures

In today’s article WGM Raluca Sgîrcea and IM Renier Castellanos conclude the detailed discussion of Sicilian Najdorf. We will focus on the most common middlegame structures that arise in the Sicilian Defense. In order to be proficient in this opening and be able to play it on a high level, you need to be familiar […]

Beating the Najdorf Sicilian – The Karpov’s System: Part 2

najdorf-part2Today WGM Raluca Sgîrcea and IM Renier Castellanos continue their discussion on beating the Najdorf Sicilian for white. Previously, we have looked at 10…Nbd7 variation. This time we are focusing on what happens if black responds with 10…b5.

Beating the Najdorf Sicilian: Part 1

In today’s lesson, WGM Raluca Sgîrcea and IM Renier Castellanos will take a look at one of the most common Black’s responses after 1. e4 – 1…c4. The opening will be looked at from the white’s perspective, featuring the most common and successful plans in defeating the Najdorf without playing sharp variations and risking losing […]

King’s Indian Defense: Fighting the Fianchetto Variation

King’s Indian Defense: Fighting the Fianchetto VariationIn today’s article, WGM Raluca Sgîrcea and IM Renier Castellanos will teach you the fundamentals of the King’s Indian Defense, one of the most popular opening systems played against 1.d4 on virtually all levels from novice players to Super Grandmasters. We will primarily focus on one of the most solid lines that white has: the […]
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