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WGM Raluca Sgîrcea is a Romanian chess player and coach. She was born on 11 July 1989.

Her peak rating was 2302 in October 2014.

She won the European Youth Chess Championship in the U10 girls category in 1999. She became a Woman International Master (WIM) in 2011 and achieved one Woman Grandmaster (WGM) norm. She speaks Romanian, English and Spanish.

Chess Articles by WGM Raluca Sgîrcea

10 Reasons to Play 1…e5 with Black

1…e5: “What should I play against 1.e4?” is a big question when creating your opening repertoire with the black pieces. There are a number of good openings for black, with the Sicilian (1…c5) being the main choice by the second player.

10 Reasons to Study Chess Middlegame

Middlegame generally begins when all the pieces have been developed and the kings have reached safety. This is the part where each player’s understanding of the position is put to test. For the players who are trying to improve, studying this part is crucial to their further development. So, why is the middlegame so important […]

Scandinavian Defense: Complete Guide

Scandinavian Defense appears on the board after the moves 1.e4 – d5 and is one of the oldest recorded openings in chess. Its idea is very straightforward – right from the start, black is attacking white’s center, trying to undermine it.

10 Reasons to Play the Sicilian Dragon

Sicilian Dragon is one of the main weapons for black against 1.e4. The Dragon is known as a fighting opening, which can lead to sharp play and sharp complications in some lines. Black has a lot of set-ups to choose from, each with different characteristics and plans. In this article, I am going to present […]

1.e4: Complete Guide for White

1e4 complete guide whiteThe most popular way to start the game is by moving the King’s pawn two squares forward. This move has been played for centuries and is the move that most beginners are taught to start with. It is one of the most correct first moves, as it opens two pieces, the Queen and the light-squared […]

Play 1…e5 with Black: Complete Guide

Every chess player needs a good, reliable repertoire against 1.e4. There are many openings out there and you should weigh your choice well, but if you are looking for a classical opening that will help you learn chess in general, then you might want to look into replying with 1…e5. This is a repertoire that […]

10 Reasons to Learn Advanced Tactics

learn-advanced-tacticsTactics is an important part of any chess player’s training. They help keep the mind sharp, but also improve your tactical vision. Your brain will learn to recognize the most common tactical patterns, so you can easily spot them during your games. There’s nobody there to tell you there is a tactic while you’re playing, […]

QGD Janowski Variation: Complete Guide

The Queen’s Gambit (1.d4 d5 2.c4) is one of the most popular openings in chess. It is appreciated both by amateurs and strong players and we see it at every top-level tournament. Black can choose between many set-ups, with the main decision being made as early as move two – accept the gambit or not? […]

English Opening: Complete Guide for White

English OpeningEnglish Opening starts with 1.c4 and is known as a very solid choice for the white player. Solid, however, does not equal boring and drawish and the English Opening is the perfect example. Most of the time the positions are closed, but there are plenty of active ideas for both sides.

Tarrasch Defense: Complete Guide for Black

tarrasch defense complete guideTarrasch Defense is named after the German chess player, Doctor Siegbert Tarrasch, it is considered to be an ambitious, but sound opening. 1.d4 is generally considered as a solid option for white. The center remains closed for a longer time and we expect a long battle ahead. For active players, who prefer complications and are […]