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Yury Markushin is a co-founder of TheChessWorld, as well as an enthusiastic chess amateur rated just below 2000 USCF.

Yury’s passion for chess is evident in his many contributions to the chess community. In addition to co-founding TheChessWorld and ChessLance, Yury has also written numerous articles on various chess topics. His insights into the game and ability to communicate complex ideas in a clear and concise manner have helped millions of players around the globe.

Outside of chess, Yury is a dedicated husband and father and enjoys spending time with his family. He also has a strong interest in technology and is constantly exploring new ways to use it to improve the chess-playing experience for players around the world.

Chess Articles by Yury Markushin

Basic ideas behind chess openings

The main idea of pretty much any chess opening is to develop pieces as quickly and effectively as possible. Here are some basic principles for white which can be applied to most opening situations in the world.

Introduction to chess: how it all begins

How it all begins… Chess is very old and wise game which was invented in India about 2000 years ago. In the very beginning, only Indian kings played this game. Instead of going to war two Indian shahs (kings) just set down with the chess board between them and decided whose land is whose and […]

Learn to play chess (basics)

Learn to play chess basicsChess is a complex game. Not regarding the moves but regarding the strategies, one needs to opt for winning. From the basic rules to advanced tactics, theory and opening and ending moves, the entire game of chess is subjected to a lot of patience and concentration. Practicing meditation alongside learning to play chess is thus […]

How to beat a stronger opponent at chess?

Have you ever played an opponent who is 400 points higher rated than you are? If you’re playing chess regularly I bet you did. According to the statistics if player is 400 points higher rated he will win at about 95% of games. But do not get disappointed and read on. There is a pretty […]

Online Chess vs. Over The Board Chess

Online chess is fun. Online chess is cool. Online chess is easy to play. But have you ever think about how much time do you spend playing online chess and later wondering why are you not doing well over the board, at real “wooden” chess (or may you be using plastic USCF chess set) somewhere […]

Chess Cartons: Players

Here is a very nice collection of greatest chess players of XX century. If you know well the characters of these players you will easily understand why one or another player is presented the way he is. We all know that Tahl was a great fighter and never accepted (well… almost never) draws. That’s why […]

Learn to Play Chess — At What Age is It Better to Start?

At what age is it better to learn to play chess? Maybe at 5 years old maybe at 10. Basically the earlier kid starts to play chess the better, since young mind is more flexible and learns things faster. However, I believe that it’s mostly matters not when you start playing chess, but how much […]

How to Use Chess Programs?

We all know that chess programs become extremely popular among players of all levels. But what’s so great about all these modern Rybka, Fritz, Junior, Crafty, Shredder and zillion of other chess engines? How to use these chess monsters to improve your game? If you’re interested to know answers to questions above keep reading.

Chess strategy: what do you need to know about strategy and tactics?

chess strategy and tacticsEveryone wants to learn about chess strategy. Players believe that if they learn more about this magic thing called “strategy” they’ll win every single game. But what chess strategy really is? Is it attack or defense, style of playing or evaluation of positions, set of rules, or tactics? No, my friend, I’m not trying to […]
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