Beat Anyone with Czech Benoni – Free Course

Beat Anyone with Czech Benoni – Free Course

What if you take an old and forgotten opening… And rebuild it from the ground up full of fresh ideas, top-notch computer analysis, and effective Grandmaster plans. This is exactly what GM Damian Lemos did in this brand-new Lemos Formula on Czech Benoni.

He spent nearly 6 months perfecting the lines and improving the plans. Then he added a few ounces of flexibility and a dozen attacking ideas to get you a perfect formula for winning with Black!

You go for g7-g6 + Bg7 + d6 setup.

Then depending on what White does you pick between 5 pre-selected plans that proved very effective at under 2300 level.

What does this mean for you?

  • Overview of the #1 recommended setup: g7-g6 + Bg7 + d6
  • Avoiding the nasty positional trap (e5-push)
  • Getting rid of the ‘bad’ c8-bishop
  • Weak pawn compensation: 3-move initiative gaining plan
  • Poisonous pawn on d6 and how to punish your opponent for taking it

Click here to grab your Czech Benoni: Quick Start FREE Mini-Course!

The full Lemos Formula on Czech Benoni is out of the lab and will be available on Thursday, July 11th! 

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Updated 07.11.2024