Color-Coding Pawns and Pieces – Free Course

Color-Coding Pawns and Pieces – Free Course

Have you heard of shortcuts like color-coding paws and pieces, pizza-pawn scale, and aggressive posturing just to name a few?

What would you choose…

Two Tempi or a Pawn?

If you play White it means you are getting 3 extra moves! All the possibilities to start a powerful attack. It’s an amazing deal, clearly worth a pawn.

If you Play Black though, you only going to be a move ahead. Is that enough to start an attack? Usually not.

This is a peek into the mind of a titled player when they’re setting up an attack.

What does this mean for you?

FM Charles Storey, England’s former U16 Olympic Team Coach has a lot of experience helping skilled players become fierce attackers.

In this brand-new course, FM Storey compiled some of the most effective shortcuts that will make you an excellent attacker.

Master those techniques and you’re on your way to success.

This full course is just off the hot press, and will be available for you on Thursday, June 20th at 8 A.M. EST!

But right now you can get started with a quick-and-easy lesson on color-coding.

Click here to grab your Color-Coding Pawns and Pieces Mini-Course!

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Updated 06.19.2024