How to Think Like Grandmaster – Free Course

How to Think Like Grandmaster – Free Course

Today, you’re in luck! Grab a free mini-course on how to think like a grandmaster.

Ever found yourself in a middlegame, scratching your head, unsure of what to play next?

You might have three moves that look the same, but guess what? Pick wrong, and you’re lost.

Or maybe you’re clueless about what moves to make to improve your position…

This is where GM Damian Lemos’s new course comes in handy.

What does this mean for you?

Damian builds on the experience of the world’s top players… Tal, Kasparov, Carlsen…

And develops a thinking method to help you make the best decisions over the board.

You’ll dive into things like:

  • Which side should you castle?
  • How to play ‘low-commitment’ moves?
  • How do tactics affect long-term strategy?
  • When to go for the ‘standard sacrifice’ for that crazy attack?

You’ll be adding those ideas into your own games in no time.

Click here to grab your How to Think like Grandmaster Mini-Course!

Quick heads up. Damian’s fresh new course, Middlegame Mastery: Decision Making, drops Thursday, June 13th, 8 A.M. EST! Don’t miss out!

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Updated 06.13.2024