New Year’s Tournament with ChessLance

New Year’s Tournament with ChessLance

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

I’m glad to announce a new Chess Tournament on our sister site that we scheduled on January 2nd, 2023 at 11 AM EST!

After all that Christmas hustle and bustle, family dinners, and maybe some nice travels and reunions with loved ones let’s get back to chess and enjoy its beauty!

I’m sure you were missing it.

At least I was.

It will be a Swiss tournament with 3’+2″ time control. 9 Rounds!

Everyone is welcome.


It’s the perfect chance for players of all levels to challenge themselves and practice with great motivation.

Moreover, this time we decided to add extra classes with Chesslnace coaches on top of the monetary prizes.

It means fewer professional players will join the tournament, but more intermediate club players will be attracted.

So, you get a higher chance to get to the top 5!

As usual, you can take part in the tournament for FREE and win real money!

The prizes are as follows…

  • 1st Place $50 + 1-hour class with FM
  • 2nd Place $40+ 1-hour class with FM
  • 3rd Place $25 + 1-hour class with FM

The 4th and 5th places will win a free 1-hour class with a FIDE Master as well.


I’m not going to play it myself, but I’ll be streaming it and analyzing the most interesting games.

See you soon,

FM Viktor Neustroev
Co-Founder, Chesslance

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Updated 01.11.2024