Play Like Mikhail Tal – Free Course

Play Like Mikhail Tal – Free Course

If you could learn just one chess skill, from one of the best players in the World… what would it be?

9/10 players say attacking chess.

Learn how to attack like Mikhail Tal and you won’t need to worry about anything else.

The good news is you are about to have a chance to do just that!

IM Boroljub Zlatanovic deciphered Tal’s Attacking System, tweaking it to suit the needs of modern-day players… And it helped Boro’s students to produce outstanding results in the Youth and Junior Championships.

What does this mean for you?

IM Zlatanovic’s new course will make you an attacking expert in 10 short hours… even if you weren’t an attacking player before!

The brand new course Learn from Mikhail Tal is ready for you, and will go LIVE on Thursday, June 27th at 8 A.M. EST!

Best part?

You can get started with a complimentary mini-course on taking down his opponents with White pieces, in the Tal’s most favorite opening Sicilian Defense.

Click here to grab your Play like Mikhail Tal Mini-Course!

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Updated 06.26.2024