1.d4 Complete Opening Repertoire for White with GM Tornike Sanikidze

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1.d4 Complete Opening Repertoire for White with GM Tornike Sanikidze
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GM Tornike Sanikidze, a coach of the gold-winning Georgian Women's National Team, has prepared 1.d4 Complete Opening Repertoire for White giving you a full-blown repertoire for White in just under 10 hours!

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The biggest question is should you open 1.e4 or 1.d4?

I was an avid 1.e4 player when I started playing. It leads to open positions and potential creative attacks. Yippie!

But wait… that’s when I came across 1.d4.

This opening immediately got my interest. Not only are the games automatically leading to sharp, dynamic positions for both sides BUT ALSO it gives me the flexibility to make things complex for my opponent a lot easier.

The following sharp position appears in the mainline of the Vienna Variation of the Ragozin Defense:

1.d4 Complete Opening Repertoire for White

With 1.d4 and 1.c4, you can literally grab hold of a lot of central squares and still push that h-pawn forward to press on the flanks!

It takes some tact though. I mean, some serious tact.

Many times I would have a good feeling about my position only to end up in material exchange or in a simply losing endgame position.

What if a Grandmaster with a peak rating of 2616 and also a coach for 14 years, who was also the main coach of the gold-winning Georgian Women’s National team at the Olympiads in 2008, were to teach the ins and outs of the super-powerful 1.d4 opening?

Bringing to you GM Tornike Sanikidze’s brand-new 1.d4 Complete Opening Repertoire for White course… for those who want to expand their horizon from playing 1.e4 every time…

Here is what you will learn:

  • Beats commonsense. White seems to be in grave danger with the king wide in the open. However, you should get used to such positions and wriggle out wins out of them… with sharp tactical attacks and positional maneuvering like Tornike did against Zapata in this 2012 Olympiad game above.

1.d4 Complete Opening Repertoire for White

  • Not “ideally” ideal. A knight on the rim is dim, right? Not really. When you are playing 1.d4, you have to know when to break the rules. Or you will end up playing boring, drawish positions again and again. Like in the above, GM Sanikidze explains why Nh4 is a damn good move.

1.d4 Complete Opening Repertoire for White

  • For the daring ones. Too many players think that 1.d4 leads to closed positions without much action. The above is just a trailer of the full movie. It’s full-on blows for blows type of situation. Only the best comes outstanding. Let GM Sanikidze teach you how…

1.d4 Complete Opening Repertoire for White

If you love to play principled chess and still end up being in stormy waters where your ship goes down or your opponent’s, this is the opening for you.


Chapter 1. Queen’s Gambit Declined
Chapter 2. Queen’s Gambit Accepted (3…c5)
Chapter 3. Queen’s Gambit Accepted (3…Nf6)
Chapter 4. Queen’s Gambit Accepted (3…Nf6)
Chapter 5. Queen’s Gambit Accepted (3…Nc6)
Chapter 6. King’s Indian Defense
Chapter 7. King’s Indian Defense (6…c5)
Chapter 8. King’s Indian Defense (6…e5)
Chapter 9. King’s Indian Defense (6…c6)
Chapter 10. Grunfeld Defense (3.f3)
Chapter 11. Queen’s Indian Defense (4.a3)
Chapter 12. Modern Benoni (7.Bf4)
Chapter 13. Volga (Benko) Gambit
Chapter 14. Slav Defense
Chapter 15. Bogo-Indian Defense
Chapter 16. Tarrasch Defense
Chapter 17. Semi-Tarrasch Defense
Chapter 18. Ragozin Defense
Chapter 19. Czech Benoni Defense
Chapter 20. Dutch Defense

About the Author:

GM Tornike Sanikidze [2616 FIDE]

is a Georgian chess grandmaster. He was awarded the titles of International Master in 2005 and Grandmaster in 2008. GM Sanikidze won the Georgian championship in 2009.

He has represented Georgia at the Chess Olympiad in 2012 in Istambul as well as in 2016 in Baku.