10 Aggressive and Blitz-Friendly Openings

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10 Aggressive and Blitz-Friendly Openings
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After studying the lessons of the course IM Asaf Givon and Angelo Kesaris prepared, you will be able to build an aggressive opening repertoire that will withstand the test of time.

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Nowadays the opening theory developed a lot, thanks to databases, very powerful computers, and the help of professional chess players. Usually, people have their own work outside of chess, and they do play in local chess tournaments or online in the afternoon. If this paragraph describes you then there’s a perfect solution: 10 Aggressive and Blitz-Friendly Openings.

In order to win we need to attack. The attack requires a more active position and some imbalances. This is your general goal and you should focus on it from the very first moves of the game.

This is why IM Asaf Givon and Angelo Kesaris created this course. Both are professional and very experienced chess coaches. They provide shortcuts and tips that can maximize your chances of winning the game either with White or with Black.

After studying the lessons of this course you will be able to build an aggressive opening repertoire that will withstand the test of time.

Here is what you are going to learn:

  • Understand Chess Like a Strong Player
  • Develop Your Chess Thinking System
  • Learn the Most Important Opening Errors
  • Learn Plenty Aggressive Openings
  • Start the Game Correctly with White and Black
  • Develop Rock-Solid Confidence
  • Unleash your potential and become the chess player you are meant to be


Chapter 1. Opening and Typical Mistakes
Chapter 2. The Best 10 moves – Your Thinking System
Chapter 3. What is an Aggressive Opening
Chapter 4. Powerful Attacking Tips in the Vienna Opening
Chapter 5. The Simplest and Most Aggressive Plan in the Sicilian Defense
Chapter 6. My Best Scoring System against the French Defense
Chapter 7. Winning and Attacking ideas in the Caro Kann
Chapter 8. Build an Impressive center against Alekhine Defense
Chapter 9. The Aggressive Scandinavian Defense against 1.e4
Chapter 10. Powerful Attacking System with the King’s Indian Defense
Chapter 11. How to Destroy Bird’s Opening With This Aggressive Set Up
Chapter 12. An Aggressive Set us Against English
Chapter 13. How to Attack Brutally Against the Larsen Opening
Chapter 14. Win with Vienna Gambit (1.e4) – BONUS video
Chapter 15. Blackmar-Diemer Gambit – BONUS video

Additional Info:

  • 15 Videos
  • 36 Games Analyzed
  • PGN files

About the Authors:

IM Asaf Givon [FIDE 2485]

is an International Master since 2013, with 2 GM norms. He’s close to getting the Grand Master title. IM Givon got 1st place at the Israeli Open Championship (2013) and was the Israel U-20 Champion (2013 and 2014). As a chess teacher, he has been happily teaching chess since he was 16!

Angelo Kesaris [FIDE 1928]

is a professional chess coach and FIDE National Instructor with 20 years of experience. He started teaching chess in primary schools, organizing lessons in chess clubs, private classes, and online teaching. Kesaris quickly made a name for himself by publishing practical strategies that new players can use to improve their chess.