1.e4! Tactical Repertoire for White with IM Tor Fredrik Kaasen

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1.e4! Tactical Repertoire for White with IM Tor Fredrik Kaasen
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We managed to convince IM Kaasen to reveal the main reason for his success... and he recorded a 12.5-hour training giving away his entire Tactical Opening Repertoire for White after 1.e4!

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There are two types of chess players out there…

Those who see an opportunity and take advantage.

And those who forge opportunities for themselves.

Norwegian IM Tor Fredrik Kaasen belongs to the second type.

He became the third youngest IM in Norwegian history after Magnus Carlsen and Aryan Tari… came 3rd in a strong Norwegian Championship and recently secured his GM norm.

Today we managed to convince Tor Fredrik to reveal the main reason for his success… and he recorded a 12.5-hour training giving away his entire Tactical Opening Repertoire for White after 1.e4!

Here’s what you will learn:

  • ‘Anti-Italian Game’ Mastery – IM Kaasen teaches you how to shut down the Italian game, whether Black goes for the most solid d5-plan or a trendy a5-setup. [Chapters 1-5]
  • Shock the Petroff – IM Kaasen reveals one of his personal favorites 3.d4! shocking a very solid and respected variation for Black. Follow the template and White gets rapid development and all the chances for a win. [Chapter 6]
  • Dominate with Rossolimo Attack – Want to learn a very flexible and ambitious system for White? IM Kaasen played this opening for name years and will make sure you prepare for any of your opponents without memorizing the theory! [Chapters 7-9]
  • Sicilian Blueprint – It’s no secret that Sicilian is considered one of the best weapons for Black. That’s why IM Kaasen goes above and beyond to arm you with a complete repertoire against the Sicilians. [Chapters 10-14]
  • Dismantling Caro-Kann – IM Kaasen “reverse-engineered” the Caro-Kan! He came up with an excellent setup leading to the bishop pair and a long-term positional edge. A bit of patience…, and Black will make a fatal mistake! [Chapter 17]
  • Cracking the French – Your opponent plays French? Excellent! No matter whether they try Mainline, Winawer, Rubinstein, or MacCutcheon… IM Kaasen prepares you for anything black could attempt! [Chapter 18-23]

You’ll also learn how to fight off the sidelines like Scandinavian, Modern, Philidor…

When we say you get a complete opening preparation for White… we really mean it. In short, you will learn how to respond to every common move by Black.


Chapter 1. Italian Game 3…Nf6 4.d3 Be7
Chapter 2. Italian Game 3…Nf6 4.d3 h6
Chapter 3. Italian Game 3…Bc5 (d5-plan)
Chapter 4. Italian Game 3…Bc5 (a6-plan)
Chapter 5. Italian Game 3…Bc5 (a5-plan)
Chapter 6. Petroff Defense
Chapter 7. Rossolimo Variation 3…d6 & Sideline
Chapter 8. Rossolimo Variation 3…e6
Chapter 9. Rossolimo Variation 3…g6
Chapter 10. Bb5 vs Sicilian Defense (3…Bd7)
Chapter 11. Bb5 vs Sicilian Defense (3…Nd7)
Chapter 12. e6 Sicilian Defense (part I)
Chapter 13. e6 Sicilian Defense (part II)
Chapter 14. Sicilian Sidelines
Chapter 15. Scandinavian Defense
Chapter 16. Modern & Philidor Defense
Chapter 17. Caro-Kann Defense 3…Bg4
Chapter 18. French 4. Bg5 Be7
Chapter 19. French Defense 4. Bg5 Bb4 (MacCutcheon)
Chapter 20. French Defense 4.Bg5 dxe4
Chapter 21. French Defense Winawer Variation 6…Qa5 & 5…Ba5
Chapter 22. French Defense Winawer Variation Ne7 & Qc7
Chapter 23. French Defense Rubinstein Variation
Chapter 24. Scandinavian Defense
Chapter 25. Modern Defense & Philidor Defense
Chapter 26. Summary & Tips

About the author:

IM Tor Fredrik Kaasen [2475 FIDE]

is a 20-year-old Norwegian chess player. Chess is his passion and he enjoys sharing it with others. IM Kaasen started to play chess at the age of 8 and became the Norwegian under-11 champion in 2013. He became the 3rd youngest International Master in Norway when he was 15.

IM Kaasen is working hard on becoming a Grandmaster and recently scored his first GM norm. He is a very theoretically-orientated player with a good sense of dynamics. IM Kaasen is also working as a coach and most recently started as a National Coach of the Norwegian women’s team at the Chess Olympiad in India.