21st Century Chess Endgame Technique – GM Marian Petrov

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21st Century Chess Endgame Technique – GM Marian Petrov
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In 21st Century Chess Endgame Technique, GM Marian Petrov reveals the technical skills you need to squeeze every last half-point from your endgames, how to convert better endgames with flawless technique and how to hold tough positions to a draw.

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21st Century Chess Endgame Technique

It’s a fact that the majority of club players are weak in the endgame. They don’t usually get found out simply because their opponents lack the necessary skills too!

This is a huge opportunity for you.

Even if you’ve been slightly worse all game, you can turn the tables and win with a superior endgame technique.

In 21st Century Chess Endgame Technique, GM Marian Petrov reveals the technical skills you need to squeeze every last half-point from your endgames, how to convert better endgames with flawless technique and how to hold tough positions to a draw.

By looking at plenty of recent games and practical examples from the 21st century, Petrov sheds new light on classical endgame principles, showing you how to excel in the endgame.

When you are serious about improving your endgame skills, it is time for GM Marian Petrov’s 21st Century Chess Endgame Technique.

About the Author:

GM Marian Petrov is an accomplished professional chess coach, theorist, and Bulgarian champion in 2002 and 2017, as well as winner of many open tournaments around the world.

Petrov is a FIDE trainer and was the coach of the team of Wales at the Olympiad in Baku in 2016. He graduated from the National Sports Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria with a Bachelor’s degree in Chess Pedagogy, a four-year undergraduate program designed to prepare top-level chess trainers.

GM Petrov believes that simplicity is the key to perfect execution. He only shares proven and tested lines that he or his students have used to dominate their games.

They are easy to understand and extremely powerful, especially at the club level!

How is this course going to help me?

GM Marian Petrov begins this course with a look at general principles you should keep in mind no matter what endgame position you find yourself in.

This isn’t a highly theoretical “in this very specific endgame, you play this specific move,” but a much more useful and practical guide to approaching your endgames with solid techniques that can help you convert your games into wins. The principles are so important, they can completely turn games around in your favor.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

1. Chess Endgame Principles

The first important principle GM Petrov covers is piece activity. In the endgame, we aren’t left with many pieces on the board, so we need to make the most of what we have so that they have an impact on the game.

This includes using your king! Look to improve your position. This principle also includes the reverse: try to reduce the activity your opponent gets! When applying these two ideas hand-in-hand, you’re maximizing your chances for a good result.

For example, see the position on the right. This is from a game where GM Petrov, playing Black, found himself slightly worse than White.

White has a better pawn structure, while Black has an isolated pawn on e6. White also controls the only open file with his rook.

Petrov was concerned with reducing White’s activity and to stabilize Black’s position. In the course, you’ll see how the principle of piece activity was the fundamental strategy and the reason why this game turned completely in Black’s favor.

2. The King’s Activity

In the endgame, the king no longer needs to hide away in a castled position – it becomes crucial to activate the king just as you would any other piece.

GM Petrov shows you not only how to use your king on its own merit, but also how it can be used to take over key defensive tasks. This allows your remaining minor and major pieces to be much more effective, not being tied down to passive defensive roles but infiltrating the opponent’s position.

3. Endgame Fighting Spirit

Some players change their outlook once they hit the endgame, or give up too soon. For example, it is generally accepted that endgames with opposite-colored bishops are equal, drawn games. The majority of players simply accept that this is the case and offer their opponent a draw. However, it’s not always that simple, especially if there are also rooks left on the board. Just as Magnus Carlsen keeps on pushing and fighting for a win deep into the endgame, GM Petrov will teach you to make sure you don’t give up too quickly!


Kasparov’s Killer King! GM Petrov shows you a brilliant example from legend Garry Kasparov where the Russian first ties down the enemy king…then slowly but surely infiltrate with his own king. Highly instructive!

Create a Path to Entry! In a drawish ending…you DON’T want to be giving draws to weaker players, right? GM Petrov will teach you how to use sacrifices to open a direct path into the enemy position.

Get the edge over all your rivals with this 6-hour course from the two-time Bulgarian Chess Champion, GM Marian Petrov.