All Dutch & Anti-Dutch System Collection (9 Digital DVDs)

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All Dutch & Anti-Dutch System Collection (9 Digital DVDs)
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This 9-course, 15-hour bundle from Foxy Chess, includes the following items: A Complete Defence to 1 .d4, English Defence - Plaskett, Leningrad Dutch, Stonewall Dutch, Modern Stonewall Dutch, The St. George Defence 1 ...e6, Science of Chess, Beating the Anti Dutch Systems as well as Roman's Lab New Improvements in Opening Theory.

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Includes the following Programs:

  • Foxy 1: A Complete Defence to 1 .d4 – Levitt (60 mins)
  • Foxy 22: English Defence – Plaskett (80 mins)
  • Foxy 32: Leningrad Dutch – Martin (90 mins)
  • Foxy 48: Stonewall Dutch – Martin (100 mins)
  • Foxy 93: Modern Stonewall Dutch, The – Martin (1:33)
  • Vol. 153: The St. George Defence 1 …e6 and …a6 by Andrew Martin 86 minutes (2:19)
  • Roman’s Lab Vol 12 – New Improvements in Opening Theory (over 2h)
  • Science of Chess by G.M.Gufeld (111 minutes)
  • Foxy 9: Beating the Anti Dutch Systems – Martin (120 mins)

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