Build Your Opening Repertoire with GM Alex Yermolinsky


One of the top coaches GM Yermolinsky guides you through the opening selection process building an unbeatable opening repertoire for you.

The subject of this course is how to build an opening repertoire. The target viewer is rated somewhere around 1700 Elo, but I hope anyone from under 1300 to up about Expert level will find it useful. How do we choose our openings? Is that something our favorite player plays? Or do we find the name cool?

Obviously, our selection process has to be intelligent and individually tailored to our needs. The sole purpose of the opening is to get a kind of middle-game position you like to play and good at it.

A number of personality traits have to be considered, and, of course, absolute honesty is required when it comes to self-evaluating. Suppose you have made your selection. What to do next? Start watching the videos to get a Russian Schoolboy’s advice.

The course is divided into 34 training videos, covering nearly 24 hours of top-level instruction, by one of the most experienced teachers today!

What Will You Learn? A Few Examples…

  • Sicilian Defense Richter Rauzer: The opening GM Alex used to crush young Kasparov and which he has continued to develop to this day! You’ll learn all of his secrets with updated computer lines for explosive opening power (Yermo’s 8…Bd7! move gives you easy play and great winning chances!)
  • The Element of Surprise: Learn 2 killer techniques that confuse your opponents with opening ideas they’d never expect (this “guerilla warfare” strategy applies to all openings and can score you quick wins when you need them most!)
  • Queen’s Gambit Declined: GM Yermo greatly simplifies this solid opening favored by Capablanca, Karpov, Anand and Spassky in their world championship matches (HINT: try Karpov’s clever move orders which allow you to push back white’s aggression and dominate him positionally!)

And much much more…

Build Your Opening Repertoire shares GM Yermolinsky’s private analysis and cleverest ideas in a whole range of dangerous openings you can hand pick and add to your ever strengthening repertoire.


Building Your Opening Repertoire with GM Yermolinsky [24+ Hours]

This course consists of 34 training videos lessons to help build your opening repertoire. In this series GM Yermolinsky goes through openings that he actually played in tournaments, such as the Queen Gambit Declined, the Sicilian, the Pirc, the French, the King’s Indian Defense and some offbeat lines with 1.e4. Each of the openings is explained at different levels: general concepts, structure, sidelines, tactics, weak points, and new trends.

Systematic Opening Preparation

One of the top coaches GM Yermolinsky guides you through the opening selection process building an unbeatable opening repertoire for you.

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GM Alex Yermolinsky

Alex is an American chess Grandmaster and two-time US Champion. He is a highly respected chess trainer and specializes in opening theory and private coaching. GM Yermolinsky has had dozens of highly successful students of all levels.

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