Catalan Opening - Masterclass

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Catalan Opening - Masterclass
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In this 6.5+ hours of video training, the residential grandmasters at Modern Chess share their deep insights and practical knowledge of this opening…

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Thanks to the space-grabbing pawns of the Queen’s Gambit and the king’s bishop cutting across the long diagonal of the King’s Indian Attack…

With solid central control with the domination of the light square complex, the Catalan opening is one of White’s most reliable and flexible ways to get the game going.

But I can tell you from my personal experience that playing this opening is not that easy.

What if Black responds with 2…c5 after White’s 2.c4? If you fianchetto your light-squared bishop, and Black decides to capture on c4? What’s next?

Like any opening, it helps to know the right move orders complying with Black’s replies…

Also, since this is a positional opening with rather sharp and aggressive lines, it helps to know the tactical ideas—the combinations, sacrifices, and attacks—that will win or lose you the game on the spot.

That’s why we, in collaboration with Modern Chess, bring you the brand-new course on the Catalan Opening whereby you get to learn EVERYTHING you need to know.

In this 6.5+ hours of video training, the residential grandmasters at Modern Chess share their deep insights and practical knowledge of this opening…

From the typical pawn structures to the typical attacking ideas to the modern theory, if there ever was a 100% complete course on Catalan, this is it.

Here’s what you are going to learn:

  • Isolated central pawn. Not every isolated central pawn is meant to get promoted. Some are meant to control key squares restricting the movement of the enemy king. Learn how Smyslov did the same in a 1946 game.
  • White’s b2-b3 if Black’s b7-b5. In some cases, Black might want to exploit White’s weaker c4-pawn by exchanging it with its d4-pawn. And then protect it with b7-b5. White should play b2-b3 in such cases (diagram).
  • Dark squares domination. Note that Black’s c5-square is usually very weak if he plays b7-b5. How to maneuver your queen’s knight to c5 and get a strong outpost? GM Arnaudov explains everything with a real-life game.
  • Black goes Bd7-Bc6. Black wants to challenge White’s strong g2-bishop. But, you do not want to exchange your light-squared bishop as White. Solution: harass Black’s light-squared bishop forcing him to exchange with a knight instead.
  • Monstrous knights in action. It’s an irony that instead of White’s “prodigal” fianchettoed bishop, its knights often turn out to be the most active pieces. Petar says you can even exchange your bishop if your position requires.

Flexible, solid, central control, full of attacking potential…

This opening is for those who prefer dynamic positions with a solid positional foundation. So, unless you don’t make silly blunders, you will end up with an advantage sooner or later.

Want to beat club-level players and booked-up masters alike in the Catalan opening? This course is the right choice for you.