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Comprehensive Beginner Chess Course
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This chess DVD course is especially effective for beginner players because it emphasizes holistic growth as a chess player. GM Lemos will change the way you approach the study of the game in that you will no longer want to spend 90% of your time studying exciting phases of the game like tactics or opening, because you will understand that it is much more effective to develop a well-rounded, organized strategy for your chess studying and plan for improvement.

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Comprehensive Beginner Chess

I’ve spent nearly 6 months carefully putting together this comprehensive beginner chess course that carefully teaches you how to reach the 1500-1600 FIDE level as quickly and easily as possible. As many of you know I reached the GM Level without much coaching and without much help of computers.

You don’t need to memorize tons of complex openings or purchase any expensive software. The truth is until you reach 2000 FIDE you don’t even need a chess engine! What every beginner needs and what every comprehensive beginner chess course should contain is a solid understanding that covers all essential elements of the chess game and brings them together in a cohesive theme that you can use in your games. I’ve noticed too many comprehensive beginner courses over-complicated things for the early club level player who is hoping to reach a higher strength.

For Players between unrated strength – 1500 FIDE

“I spent the last 6 months carefully working on this 27-hour masterpiece course to give the beginner the best DVD learning experience I could possibly offer. I promise you won’t be disappointed.” – GM Damian Lemos

The largest obstacle for beginner chess players to improve their game is simply lacking a plan. For the majority of beginner chess players, it is extremely difficult to make it proceed to the intermediate and advanced levels because they are unable to design a comprehensive strategy.

If you are under 1500 FIDE, this series is PERFECT for you because this DVD course targets every aspect of the game including the opening, the middle, the endgame as well as other important concepts like tactics, positional chess, and the critical importance of playing attacking chess. Grandmaster Damian Lemos has put together an exceptionally organized DVD course that features over 27 hours of elite GM instruction combined with the highest quality products on the market. Don’t work hard, work smart!

Run-time: 27 hours!

This chess DVD course is especially effective for beginner players because it emphasizes holistic growth as a chess player. GM Lemos will change the way you approach the study of the game in that you will no longer want to spend 90% of your time studying exciting phases of the game like tactics or opening, because you will understand that it is much more effective to develop a well-rounded, organized strategy for your chess studying and plan for improvement.

GM Lemos teaches that by identifying and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your ENTIRE chess game, beginner chess players will be able to pinpoint what areas need to be improved. This comprehensive approach to chess study has an exponential effect on the development of beginner players because you learn how to study chess the RIGHT way. If you are a beginner chess player, this 10 DVD series is guaranteed to dramatically improve your results for the rest of your chess playing career.

After Studying The Course You Will:

  • The easy to learn habit that prevents blunders – immediately get rid of the #1 cause of club player defeats.
  • The 3 keys to accurate positional evaluation that make it easy to find a winning plan.
  • How dictate play with forcing moves and overload your opponent with threats.
  • The secret of successful defense that makes it so frustrating for opponents they usually make a reckless sacrifice and end up losing.
  • Kasparov’s attack formula that lets you know if you should attack immediately or bring more pieces to the game

The Bundle Includes The Following Courses:

  • Volume 21: The Secret to Mastering Chess Openings: The opening is the most important phase of the game in chess because you have to come out swinging, desperately attempting to punish the slightest inaccuracy by your opponent. At any level in chess, from beginner to World Champion, the player who is able to achieve rapid pressure in the opening is going to have better chances of maintaining a long-term advantage. In this chess video/DVD Grandmaster Damian Lemos demonstrates how the beginner player should perceive the opening and plan a successful approach by aiming for strong control of the center, rapid development, and early threats!
  • Volume 22: Mastering Control of the Center: If you are a beginner chess player that is struggling to progress in your game, controlling the center might be your problem. This basic principle is frequently overlooked as beginner chess players find it easy to become caught in a trap of not knowing what to study, and in what order to study it in! Simply relying on the basic rules of successful opening play will greatly improve your tournament results. Don’t overcomplicate your game! Control the center, develop your pieces actively, create threats and you will be winning games. Controlling the center is such an important fundamental concept in chess because it can represent an immediate, tactical advantage or it can be a long-term, positional advantage.
  • Volume 23: Chess Tactics of the Grandmasters: Beginner chess players win and lose with tactics. It is just that simple for the beginner chess player. If you are not constantly looking for tactical opportunities to win material, gain space, or to seize the initiative, you are not playing good chess. The best chess players win by forcing moves, which are moves that threaten tactics and make your opponent react. This chess DVD will teach you the basics of tactics and how to start winning more games immediately. Intended for the beginner and intermediate audience, GM Damian Lemos produced ¨Chess Tactics of the Grandmasters¨ to explain to less experienced players that you must constantly be attentive to the tactical demands of any position. This comprehensive chess DVD will teach you how to apply this fundamental principle in your games to stun your opponents and never leave yourself undefended!
  • Volume 24: Winning Chess Strategy for Beginners: Chess Strategy is the most difficult step in the road to improvement for beginners, requiring a deeper understanding of chess than simply tactics. You can think of combinations as math equations with a given, concrete result that you can prove. But the strategy is more like describing the variables in this math problem and how changes will affect all aspects of the surrounding environment. In this comprehensive chess video/DVD, Grandmaster Damian Lemos explains how beginner chess players can develop a strong foundation in strategy and use this deeper understanding to create powerful long-term strategies that will crush opponents and instantly improve your results.
  • Volume 25: Play the Middlegame like a Grandmaster, Part 1 ¨Play the Middlegame like a Grandmaster – Part 1¨ features hours of action-packed chess instruction, presented by Grandmaster Damian Lemos who explains the art of the middlegame and focuses on how you can start winning more games now! The middlegame is one of the hardest phases in the game for beginner players because there are no strict rules to guide your play (unlike the opening) and there are still most pieces on the board to consider. If you are a beginner chess player looking to improve your tournament results IMMEDIATELY, this chess DVD is GUARANTEED TO HELP YOU PLAY BETTER!
  • Volume 26: Play the Middlegame like a Grandmaster, Part 2 The most difficult phase of the game for beginner chess players is the middlegame because it is a constant time of transition, maximum tension, and a time of combining immediate tactical needs with long-term positional ideas. Most middlegames contain nearly all of the pieces still on the board, and the friction between opponents inevitably creates conflict, requiring complete attention to avoid forcing combinations. This chess video/DVD features hours of extremely high-quality instruction by experienced chess trainer Grandmaster Damian Lemos, reviewing the basic concepts of the middlegame and how to apply them successfully in your own games.
  • Volume 27: Play Aggressive Chess like a Grandmaster “Play Aggressive Chess like a Grandmaster” features hours of elite chess instruction by Grandmaster Damian Lemos, reviewing recent games by Super-GMs to demonstrate how the best chess players in the world today are using aggressive chess to win important games. It is fascinating how GM Lemos describes basic principles that beginner players can use in their games and then goes on to show how players like Garry Kasparov, Magnus Carlsen, and Veselin Topalov have repeatedly used these exact same concepts in their own games at the highest levels. This chess DVD is guaranteed to improve your game because you will start making the most out of every opportunity to create threats, place pressure on your opponent, and create problems that your opponent will be forced to solve.
  • Volume 28: Play Positional Chess like A Grandmaster: After watching this chess, beginner players will feel much more comfortable in the middlegame as you will truly understand how to apply different concepts in different positions. This method that is presented by GM Lemos is exponentially more effective than the simple memorization of common rules. If you are a beginner chess player that is trying to improve your tournament results but currently lack the deeper understanding of positional chess that is required to succeed at higher levels, this chess DVD is guaranteed to push you towards more profound plans and better results immediately!
  • Volume 29: How to Attack like a Grandmaster: The secret to winning chess games is very simple – YOU MUST ATTACK! If you like to open passively and slowly build a strong defensive position, you are playing bad chess! To win games in chess, you must be attacking. You can’t wait for your opponent to make a mistake because that is not going to win you any games! The best players in the world try to create at least one threat with every single move; why can’t beginner chess players do the exact same thing? This simple principle of consistently striving to attack your opponent is guaranteed to help you play better and improve your practical tournament results. Constantly creating problems and forcing your opponent to solve them is the mark of a good chess player, regardless of your level.
  • Volume 30: How Grandmasters Defend Tough Positions: If you are a beginner chess player and you aren’t able to defend tough positions, you are going to be giving away points for free because you will not be saving hard games. GM Lemos points out that to succeed at any level in chess, you must be versatile and able to defend tough positions!

BONUS – Kasparov’s Greatest Hits!

This pack includes “Volume 11: Kasparov’s Greatest Hits” free of charge with purchase! This DVD will show you some of the best games from Garry Kasparov and delve into the mind of one of the greatest chess players to ever have lived.

This chess DVD course is especially effective for beginner players because it emphasizes holistic growth as a chess player.

Meet the authors:

GM Damian Lemos (FIDE 2559)

Damian Lemos was no stranger to success at an early age, achieving the FIDE Master title at 14 years old, International Master at 15, and Grandmaster at 18. In his courses, Damien works closely with students to first identify the flaws and weaknesses in their games so that they can be properly evaluated and corrected. By developing specifically tailored training regimens, Grandmaster Lemos is able to achieve results that other chess coaches can only dream of.